Samples of Jean's crafts

Welcome to my crafts page!

"Through many types of artistic expression, we reflect the beauty of creation and honor the Creator and Redeemer of this marvelous world."  (Dennis Fisher, ODB 8/19/15)

I was in an art class in '73, and painted this with oils from a National Geographic magazine cover. I was completely surprised that I could do it! God is Good!

The following are crafts I've made over the years. I hope you'll enjoy their beauty. The picture is of me many years ago when I had pigtails. I did this crewel skirt while caring for a sick man to stay awake all night. I keep it for very special occasions.

The butterfly in the following frame, was found dead by a friend. He asked me to preserve it in a floral arrangement for his wife. 

 The plates and switch plate covers were covered
by EnviroTex Light, a resin mix. 

I no longer make these, as I live in a small apartment.

The cards and bookmarks below are samples of my work, 

 These are samples of what I've made in the past.

Box of 6 printed cards, 1 bookmark,
1 post card and 1 gift card
I trust you've enjoyed your walk through some of my crafting over the years. It has been a joy to have worked with such beautiful things, and to then share them with folks!

I'm thankful for the beauties the Lord has provided for us to enjoy!

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  1. They are beautiful. Thanks for sending me some.
    You are very talented, Blessings,