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Samples of Jean's crafts with links to shops

Welcome to my crafts page!

If you see a framed arrangement below of Real flowers you'd 
like to have, check the store where it is located. 

I've marked the ones at TAUNY, Traditional Arts in Upstate New York in Canton, 53 Main Street,  (across from McDonald's). 

 The Artworks Creperie, 2 Main St., Waddington, NY.
(right by the river)

The Frame Mill located 13 Maple St. Potsdam, NY, 
(next to Jerabi's popular eatery).

There are many other crafters' work at these shops too. 
They all offer my printed note cards & post cards of 
 Real flowers and fall leaves.
There are 4" & 6"  printed bookmarks and some 
Real flower cards at TAUNY.

Be sure to check out these store links above!

#1- 1940c  matted cluster of 
framed Real flowers 
(12 1/2" x 15 1/2") at the
ArtWorks Creperie

#31- tan wood framed matted
Real Flowers (6 3/4" x 8 1/2") at 

#32- designed frame with cluster of  
Real flowers (7" x 9") at the
ArtWorks Creperie

#35-  metal picture frame with 
Real flowers (7 1/2" x 9 1/2") at the 
ArtWorks Creperie

These have been sold
at TAUNY in Canton

over 2016 Christmas!

{All arrangements have been thoroughly 

dried and covered securely 
with Con-Tact paper.
Colors will last for many years
when sunlight doesn't hit them.}

The shops presently offering my crafts are:

TAUNY, Traditional Arts in Upstate New York
53 Main Street, Canton NY, 13617
Artworks Creperie
2 Main St., Waddington, N.Y. 13694

The Frame Mill

13 Maple Street, Potsdam, NY 13676

"Through many types of artistic expression, we reflect the beauty of creation and honor the Creator and Redeemer of this marvelous world."  (Dennis Fisher, ODB 8/19/15)

I was in an art class in '73, and painted this with oils from a National Geographic magazine cover. I was completely surprised that I could do it! God is Good!

The following are crafts I've made over the years. I hope you'll enjoy their beauty. The picture of me was about 35 years ago when I had pigtails. I did this crewel  skirt while caring for a sick man to stay awake all night. I keep it for very special occasions.

The butterfly in the following frame, was found dead by a friend. He asked me to preserve it in a floral arrangement for his wife. 

 The plates and switch plate covers were covered
by EnviroTex Light, a resin mix. 

I no longer make these, as I live in a small apartment.
I have my crafting book, What I Do With Vermont Wildflowers and Leaves, (published '96, showing and telling how I made everything), at TAUNY Traditional Arts in Upstate New York.

The cards and bookmarks below are samples of my work, and you can find many like them at TAUNY's store, as well as the 

Box of 6 printed cards, 1 bookmark,
1 post card and 1 gift card
I trust you've enjoyed your walk through some of my crafting over the years. It has been a joy to have worked with such beautiful things, and to then share them with folks!


  1. They are beautiful. Thanks for sending me some.
    You are very talented, Blessings,

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