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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Edgardo Silvoso
C. Peter Wagner tells us "What is
Carlos Annacondia doing that 
other urban crusade evangelists 
do not usually do?
  Edgardo Silvoso says that 
Annacondia and the other prominent Argentine evangelists- 

    "incorporate into their evangelistic work a new emphasis 
     on spiritual warfare—the challenging of the principalities
     and powers, and the proclamation of the gospel not only 
     to the people but to the spiritual jailers who held the 
     people captive." 

  Prayer is the chief variable, according to Silvoso.

   "Evangelists begin to pray over cities before proclaiming
    the gospel there. Only after they sense that spiritual powers
    over the region have been bound will they begin to preach."

  A permanent fixture of Annacondia's crusades is what has to be one of the most sophisticated and massive deliverance ministries anywhere.

  Under the direction of Pablo Bottari, a wise, mature and gifted servant of God, literally thousands of individuals are delivered from demons each of the 30 to 50 consecutive nights of a crusade.

  The 150-foot deliverance tent, erected behind the open-air speaker's platform, is in operation from 8:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. each night.

  Annacondia calls it the "spiritual intensive care unit."

  Scores of teams whom Bottari has trained in deliverance prayer do the actual hands-on-ministry.

  I have never observed a crusade evangelist who is as publicly aggressive in confronting evil spirits as Annacondia.

  With a high- volume, high-energy, prolonged challenge, he actually taunts the spirits until they manifest in one way or another.

  To the uninitiated, the scenario in the vacant city lot where he holds his crusades might appear to be total confusion. 

  But to the skilled, experienced members of Annacondia's 31 crusade ministry teams, it is just another evening of frontline warfare prayer in which the power of Jesus Christ over the demonic forces is displayed for all to see.

  And the power of the meetings is awesome. Many miraculous healings occur. 

  For example, so many dental miracles occurteeth filled, new teeth and defective bridges replaced by whole teeth—that only those who have had more than two teeth filled are allowed to take the time to give a public testimony.

  On one occasion, a dwarf was reported to grow over 15 inches taller.

  (Wagner describes how, in the city of Santiago del Estero, a local priest decided to oppose the crusade by invading the area with a religious procession. When they arrived, the four strongmen carrying the statue of the priest's favorite virgin all fell to the ground under the power of the Spirit and the statue shattered into a thousand pieces.

Two of the men spent the night in the hospital and the other two in Annacondia's deliverance tent!)

  This is warfare prayer in action. Spirit-directed prayer opens 
the way for the blessings of the Kingdom of God to come upon 
the earth with healings, deliverances, salvation, holiness, compassion for the poor and oppressed, and the fruit of the Spirit.

  Above all, God is glorified, worshiped and praised.

By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 26 - 28) Regal Books

A Prayer for your pastor: Healing. "Father, heal my pastor's heart of any grief caused by ministry. Enable_________ to forgive those who hurt or speak against him/her. Bestow on my pastor a crown of beauty instead of ashes and anoint him/her with the oil of gladness instead of mourning. Clothe ________with a garment of praise. May he/she be an oak of righteousness, a planting of the Lord to display Your splendor (Eph. 4:32; Is. 61:3)


   Father, I'm sure this looks odd to folks who are unaware of how Your power works against the evil spirit world.
   We need this information, so we can be prepared for things like this to take place where we are, in our churches across our country.
   No doubt we'll begin to see things like this happen, as Christians begin to realize they have the means to come against such in the precious Name of Jesus, the Messiah.
   I'm one who will be open for the instruction in how to pray more effectively for those who are bound in their spirits, and cannot find the way to be delivered and healed.
   I ask for You to use me in this ministry in whatever way You want me to minister to those around me. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

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Today’s Bible verse: (Ps. 92:4) "For thou, LORD, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands."

Today’s quote:
Gwen Smith – “Your life is purposed to bring glory to God in and through everything. There are times – hard times – when the answers from Him are ‘no.’  When those times come, we need to choose to trust that He said no for a reason.” 

Some thoughts today:  

- There are false declarations (vows) we agree with that come from the world's point of view.
- Let God expose your vows that are presently affecting your Christian walk.
- There are underlying issues that affect us. We can be partnering with hell by what we believe. Is it a devilish declaration that keeps out God's declaration of who you are in Christ? See it, admit it, and renounce it in Jesus' name! God will release, cleanse and refresh you.

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