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Friday, January 18, 2013

How Can You?

How Can You?

How can you walk the road alone
No one standing by your side
How can you deny the Lord's existence
It is time now to decide
How do you live without His mercy
How do you make it day by day
Your heart must be cold and empty
For the price you have to pay
How can you wake up in the morning
And not say a word of prayer
Or see a beautiful rainbow
And not feel His presence there
How do you carry every burden
Every heartache, every sin
Don't you hear His gentle knock
How can you not let Him in
How can you look at a rose
Wet with the morning dew
And not feel Him in your heart

For He made that rose for you

How can you live without His spirit

Guiding every step you take

How can you turn from the Cross

How can you make that mistake

How can you run the other way
As Satan holds your hand
When Jesus is patiently waiting
How can I make you understand
How can you go about each day
Your heart cold and made of stone
And looking all around you
Friends have come and they have gone
How can you stand by a grave
Someone you love has died
Who else can you turn to
When you are hurting deep inside
How can you live without the Lord
I can't imagine such a fate
Open your heart , accept Him in
Before it is too late

(C) Linda Hill

My prayer today:  Father, may I understand what You've done to provide for me, and may my heart tune into Your great grace of provision. Open the eyes to everyone who reads this poem, whether they've acted upon Your leading before this, or not. May they begin to realize that You mean this salvation for them individually, and that Your Heart is to call them to repentance and faith in Jesus, right now. Amen

Today’s quote:  Dennis Fisher “There’s not a more valuable tool than God’s Word to make us fully equipped for spiritual survival and personal growth.” [as seen in Our Daily Bread 1/7/13]

Our thought for today:  If you'll fully surrender to the Lord, you'll discover His good plan for you!

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