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Monday, May 12, 2014

Roses for Mama

"Roses for Mama; they usher in her spring,
Then flourish in the sunshine her love alone can bring.

For the love that she shows t’ward the life in her womb,
Is felt and is warmth to each tiny bloom.

Roses for Mama, precious gifts from the King;
Roses from Mama to her Savior, she brings.

There she asks Him for the grace and strength that she needs,
To meet each child’s special and spiritual needs.

Every little rose brings its own special joy
That a Mom and Dad notice, whether it’s a girl or a boy.

It may be their smile, or that gleam in their eye,
Or a very special gift, that shows their family ties.

Each rose bears the likeness of their dear Dad and Mom,
Who showed them a Christ-likeness in the kingdom they call home.

Where kindly words are spoken and each one learns to share;
Where ev’ry rose is guarded with tender love and care.

Roses for Mama; her wealth she won’t slight,
Though some women have riches that pass away in the night.

She’s thought quite peculiar and looked on as odd,
To stay home with her roses that will live as long as God.

Roses for Mama are so tenderly grown,
In hopes that, through them, Christ’s beauty will be shown.

Mama prunes and props them, and points them above,
And oft’ to Mount Calvary, to show Jesus’ great love.

All gathered ‘round the Bible, Mom’s beautiful bouquet;
She bows her heart in thankfulness as to the Lord, she prays-

"That should the Lord transplant a rose to start another home,
He’d bless their life with roses, that would also bless Grandma".

Roses for Mama; her best homespun lace.
Their character she weaves with threads of pure grace.

Her blessings are many, her compliments few;
Until that day, she, God honors, with her children in view."

Roses for Mama by James H. Cagle  

 On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 3:12 PM, James H Cagle <> wrote:

"I was born and grew up in the South. The first time I was ever away from home was when I joined the Marine Corp.

I went to Tabernacle Bible College in Greenville, S.C. I was a pastor for 11 years and taught college level courses on Old Testament Survey and Church Doctrine.

I have written many poems and have had some published. I live in Lakeland, Ga. and work in Lakeland on a large Sod Farm.

I contribute articles regularly to my local newspaper. There’s nothing I enjoy any better than putting in writing for others to read that which God has shown me." (for comments)


I hope you'll forward this to your Mom...if she's gone, let the message be one of yours, anyway, in gratitude for her making attempts to teach you about Christ.

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