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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#83 Intercessors Change Roles

 It is important to realize that even with the liC. Peter Wagner lets's know,"Because I am such a left-brained analytical person, I find myself very comfortable with categories like I-1 and I-2.

I am aware that not all like to draw such lines.nes, God pushes intercessors back and forth across them as He chooses.

Maybe the lines are not that important after all. Several of or I-2 intercessors have reported doing intense spiritual warfare as they prayed for us.

And I am sure it has happened on many other occasions that we know nothing about because experienced intercessors will only share those experiences when and if God specifically gives them permission to do so.

So much happens through them that we know nothing about.

A few years ago one of our I -2 intercessors was Cathryn Hoellwarth, then a member of our Sunday School class, but who since has moved away.

I was away on a ministry trip and Cathryn was attending the Sunday evening service at the Anaheim Vineyard Fellowship where John Wimber pastors.

It just so happened that Doris was sitting two rows in front of her. As Cathryn looked at Doris, she got a picture of my head surrounded by black, oppressive clouds. She began interceding for me, believing that it was a life- and-death struggle.

Later in the week, Cathryn discovered that I had been on a flight to Detroit and, for some unknown reason, had blacked out on the plane.

The paramedics and ambulance were waiting for me in Detroit, but after a thorough examination they could find nothing wrong and released me.

I called Cathy Schaller the next day from Detroit and asked her if she had been praying for me. She said she had felt no special urgency to pray at that time.

Apparently God had chosen to call Cathryn to stand in the gap for that assignment.

Cathryn says, 'I suppose God taps into the I-2 intercessors when the I-1 intercessors aren't available.' What a comforting thought!"

#83  Intercessors Change Roles, in the 
series taken from C. Peter Wagner’s 
book, PRAYER SHIELDHow to 
intercede for pastors, Christian leaders 
and others on the spiritual frontlines. 

(pgs. 156-157) by Regal Books

Let’s pray:

   Father, we come to You with a desire to be open and ready to pray for our leaders in our churches.

   It's obvious that there will be times of greater need in their daily lives, and we'd like to be available to stand in the gap for them.

   Move on me, when my pastor, and other leaders, need special prayer support.

   Enable me to pray effectively for them, that Your Spirit will send their ministering angels to help them in their need.

   In the Name of Jesus I pray, amen.

Today’s Bible verse: 2 Kings 14:3a "And he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD."

Today’s quote: Mike Smith – “Fellowship revolves around the redemptive work of God in our lives. As we meet together and share the things that God has done, we get a bigger picture of God’s work. As we see that bigger picture, we come to know Christ better. And as those around us see how we interact with one another, they recognize us as belonging to Him. They have the opportunity to see redemptive behavior in action. They, too, see a bigger, clearer picture of Jesus—lived out in the lives of those who follow Him.”

Some thoughts today: Start a conversation with someone, and God will help you continue, and move into what He wants you to say about His Redemptive plan. Give him a moment to tell you.

- Did you know that wisdom is knowing something that is unnatural?

- If you have enough faith to serve God, He has enough faith to use you. Are you available to do what He asks of you?
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