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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Part 3- How CAN we hear from God? (15-22 ways)

Jean Oathout continues her listing of various ways God speaks to us. 

The following list completes my 
present list of 22 ways that I've noticed that God speaks to us.

Hopefully, you have taken notice of several, and you've begun to hear Him clearly in various ways that work for you. 

If you haven't read my previous two posts, please check them out:

Part 2-  How CAN we hear from God? (8-14 of 21 ways)

It is my desire and prayer that you benefit from the 22 ways that we have that God can speak to us.

May they cultivate your ability to hear effectively and to become listeners for His instructions, encouragements, and promises.

When we begin to hear from God in the various ways He speaks, we will be more aware of His presence. He is always with us. 

God loves you, and He wants the very best for you.

Will He speak to you in visions and dreams? Or are you more open to poetry? How about the times when you sit quietly before God, does the worship music help you worship Him?

However you hear from God, let it speak directly to you, my friend. He is determined to make His way clear to you. It will come as you're ready, and in the way you'll 
best respond to .

Now, let's check out the last 8 ways that I've found that we can hear from God:

15. Encouragement- Others may speak to us, or we may speak into someone else’s life, with even a few choice words of comfort, encouragement, or edification. This can help us trust we've heard from God. 
16. Be quiet before God- Spend some quiet time before God. Set a timer for a short time, like 5 minutes at first. It will begin to go by very fast after a while! A word spoken to us in our spirits by God can get our attention! We won't forget it, believe me. It holds us in our journey through our ups and downs in life.

17. Internet/TV- When we choose wholesome programs to watch, there may be things said that will touch our hearts, which can have God's truth in them.There is so much offered for our viewing, which have the potential to harm our faith. This is why is it so important to select what we watch.

18. Speaking in tongues- Our speaking and singing in the heavenly language causes us to relax and allow the Holy Spirit to speak the prayer that's needed for the moment.This gift is offered to every believer in Christ Jesus. (see Acts 2:38) This is where the power to be his witnesses was to be found, which Jesus had promised us. (see Acts 1:8)

19. Dreams and Visions- These can happen to anyone, but some people have them more frequently. Dreams and visions can speak to us 
of God's intentions and plans. 

They can come as warnings, or hey 
may make us aware of some danger. 

20. Listen to some worshipful music, such as 
hymns, (for us older folks), that are soothing, and which  bring up memories of God's goodness. There are web sights on the internet that let you choose music that  pleases you. Be sure to try some "soaking Christian music."

21. Impressions- There will be times when we simply have a strong impression that something is either wrong, or is what we’re to do. If God brings the impression, it will not leave us until we act on it. When it’s a troubling impression, and something needs to be dealt with, He has a plan to address it, and usually will quite soon!

(Here's another one I was reminded of...)

22. Word of knowledge- About 20 years ago, the Lord 

spoke to me while I was praying one day. He revealed 
something that would yet happen, which looked impossible. 
But I believed it, and it has given me hope that it would take 
place. Because of a recent phone call, I believe it will soon take place!

Let’s pray:

   Father, when it comes to hearing from You, I do need to understand the ways You've designed for me. Please enable me to recognize Your directions in many of the 22 ways mentioned in the 3 posts.
   Like as a little child, may my heart become more open to hear Your various means of communicating with me. Thank You for having so many ways to contact us, Father. I'm grateful! In the Name of Jesus, Your Son, I pray. Amen

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Today’s Bible verse: Gal. 5:16,17 NIV "So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature." 

Today’s quote: James H. Cagle – “King David longed for the ability to fly, that he might escape the many problems he had to face (Ps. 55: 6-8). But like him, it’s facing our problems that develop our character and molds us into the likeness of Christ. And it’s in facing our problems that we see the power of God working and experience His grace and love.

Some thoughts today: The apostle Paul expected God would have impact on our lives politically, in dealing with authority, in our ethics and integrity, in our families, as well as in our social interactions.

- You may be thinking that you need a change of circumstances to more effectively serve God, but did you know He can use you right where you are?

- Are you transferring your problems onto your circumstances? It may not be an external change you need. 

Declare today: " I can serve God where I am." (The future may very well change.)

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