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Thursday, July 17, 2014

#102 The Responsibility of the Pastors

C. Peter Wagner tells us,
"There may be exceptions, 
but intercession is not usually 
generated and sustained

Pastors and other leaders 
must be open to receive intercession and to encourage their intercessors.

I was shocked to learn that some years ago Reinhard Bonnke called in Suzette Hattingh and said,

    'At least five of the leading pastors of this nation have 
    warned me not to form an intercession department in 
    Christ for All Nations because of problems they told me 
    they experienced with their  personal and general 

I am glad to report that Bonnke was not deterred from establishing a ministry of intercession, but nevertheless he asked Hattingh to investigate.

Suzette visited each personal intercessor of each of the concerned pastors. She found that they were frustrated, discouraged and disappointed because their pastors did not understand their responsibility as leaders.

The intercessors agreed that there were four basic problems:

   1. Lack of information
   2. Lack of input and trust from the pastors
   3. Lack of feed back on answered prayers
   4. Lack of openness between intercessors and leadership.

Since then Suzette Hattingh has had personal contact with thousands of serious intercessors. She says,

   'I have found the problems mentioned above among all levels of intercessors.'

Very frequently when a ministry of personal intercession breaks down, the leader is at fault.

When leaders are distant and indifferent toward their intercessors, many prayer warriors will eventually lay down their weapons, and both the leader and the intercessor come short of what God wants them to be."

#102 The Responsibility of the
Pastors,  in the series taken
from C. Peter Wagner’s book, 

intercede for pastors, Christian
leaders and others on the
spiritual  frontlines. (pgs. 183-184)
 Regal Books

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Let’s pray:

   Father, when we pray for
our pastor and leaders, may
we keep in touch with what
their needs are.

   Help us be available to
them through emails and
phone calls, as well as texting.

   I pray for more open communication with my leaders, that I may be aware of their particular needs.

   May I find how to more effectively pray for them. I want to help my leaders become all that You want them to be. 

   I ask this in Jesus' Name, to His glory and honor. Amen.

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Today’s Bible verse: Prov. 11:17a "The merciful man doeth good to his own soul." 

Today’s quote: Our Daily Bread “No life is more secure than a life surrendered to God.”

Some thoughts today: The more you seek God, the more He'll reveal the giftings He's given to you. He'll help you develop them, so you can be a blessing to the local Body of Christ. Remember to serve in the love He's given you, so you'll be effective.

- Rest brings a refreshing of body and soul. Take times to relax, and spend time with the Lord and His Word. 

- God is the God of victory! Wait on him to make His way plain to you. Don't be afraid to do what you believe is His will. He'll stop you, if you are mistaken.

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