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Saturday, April 4, 2015

This Child

This Child by James H Cagle

This Child

Inside your womb there is a miracle;
here is a soul within its frame
That lives for the heartbeat of his Mother
And will bear dear Daddy’s name.

He has hands that you’ve never held,
A head you’ve never caressed;
A smile you’ve yet to see
As he’s resting quietly on your breast.

You have longings that cannot be uttered;
This is a life you pray to enfold;
There is pain you are willing to face,
Trusting God that this child you’ll hold.

There are eyes you’ve yet to see twinkle,
With a laugh that thrills you with its grace;
Little fingers that will entwine your heart
And caress with love his parent’s face.

There are arms that have yet to hug you,
And feet that have never ran a race;
A will that has yet to offend you,
Bringing you often before the Lord’s face.

There’s a body, a soul, and a spirit,
A little fellow that fears no harm;
Who will soon be the joy of Daddy,
And discover the warmth in Mother’s loving arms.

He is a jewel yet to be polished,
A treasure hidden beneath Mother’s heart;
A vessel to be used by the Lord,
Though yet unknowing how important his part.

Oh, the blessing of being a parent-
To look in your child’s adoring face,
Then look beyond, knowing that his dear soul
Must be made ready by God’s saving grace.

How often has been your disappointment,
How many the times you’ve asked, "Why?"
When the rose that you had faded
And your heart broke with every goodbye.

Your prayer, it seems, is never-ending:
"Dear God, please this child let me hold,
Give me the gift above every gift
That I to your likeness may help to mold."

It is our heart’s sincere prayer
That God sees fit to grant your request,
Knowing that He, in grace and love,
Will only do that which He thinks is best.

Here is a poem that God used in a special way in the life of some friends of mine. The mother had become pregnant several times but each time lost the baby before it was born. She became pregnant again and I found out about what they had been through and wrote this poem to hopefully encourage them. When I gave them the poem the mother cried all the way home. She did give birth to the child (a boy). But before he was a year old she got cancer and died. Talk about heartache, they've had their share. The daddy married again a couple of years later. They have this poem framed and hanging in their living room. The boy they named Nathan.

     Father, thank You that we can be 
assured of Your great love for us.
     My trust is in You to help me walk through the challenges ahead.
     May my faith be steadfast in You, and may whatever comes my way prove to be do-able with the grace You'll provide.
     I may not be giving birth to a physical baby, but I'll be in the process of "birthing" possibilities that only You're aware of.
     Take my life and let it be consecrated to You without resolve. I ask this in the Name of Jesus, my Savior. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Is. 41:13 "For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear not: I will help thee."

Today’s quote: Lenn L. Latham in his book Let God In (out of print, pg 16)- "No matter how profound the discouragement, the moment we turn to God, something wonderful happens."

Some thoughts today: Before you can have faith for big things, you need to believe for small matters.

- Have you poured out your heart and time into others, and then be disappointed? Take heart, God uses broken people to show His glory in and through by His Holy Spirit.

- Stay true to the vision God has given, and don't give up in waiting for His timing and plan.

This is so good! There are many other songs by the Gaither Vocal band to enjoy, too!

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