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Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Speak the Desires I Have for Thee (& Jean's request)

Lee Forbes speaks, as from God:

I'll speak the desires I have for thee
When once we meet on bended knee
And there I find the heart that's thine
Is ready to be wholly Mine

For often you have asked of Me
What does My heart desire of thee

While yet you hold control and sway 

Of all you do and all you say 

But if you truly want to know 
What I desire to fully show 
The hopes and plans I have for thee 
Then you must give your all to Me 

For limits that a man may set 
Determines just what he will get 
To know of what I've done for men 
And how much more I've planned for him  

For how can one begin to see 
My limitless eternity 
If he will in his box remain 
Where everything remains the same 

From dawn of every passing day 
Til dead of night I hear you say 
Oh Lord please show me what to do 
While constantly I'm calling you 

To let your heart and soul and mind 
Without restraint of any kind 
Be wholly and completely free 
Abandoned only all to Me 

And then I can begin to show 
What I have planned for you to know 
Beyond all things you now might see 
When you give all your heart to Me 

That realms of glory will be yours 
And peace and joy with Me of course 
As our hearts are entwined as one 
And heaven's kingdom has begun 

To open wide for you to see 
What lies ahead for you to be 
As you like Christ My blessed Son 
Reflect how God can live in one 

Who daily meets Him on his knees 
Obeying all from Me he sees 
Revealed so fully in My plan 
Through scripture truth in holy hands 

 Inspiration from
Matthew & Psalm 119:11, 105

Lee Forbes August 21/15  
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     Father, I love that You're wanting us to look to You for Your very best plan for us.
    May we examine our ways today, to see what it is we may be doing to hinder Your impressing us with Your thoughts.
    If there's the sin of disobedience, make it plain, so we can confess what is displeasing to You, and make it right.
    I pray for forgiveness for my disobedience to what I know to be what Your Word teaches. Cleanse me now, and enable me to hear Your Voice clearly in the way to go, and the thing to do.
    I ask this in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Today’s Bible verse: Zech. 13:9 b "They shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God."

Today’s quote: Patrick Wilber: "The sequence of our experiences, each appended in a cooperative fashion, are woven as a single thread into a material that manifests the essence of our individuality, but is not tailored nor designed by us.  

   Each span of thread, complete with its ups, downs, twists, and turns, combines with itself to form an intricate tapestry---precise, fine art.  Are we at fault for our experiences?  Some yes, and others not.  Are we able to take credit for the style of tapestry that we are being made into?  No, not at all!  

   We are no more defined by our experiences than the tapestry is defined by our own will or perception of good or beauty.  The tapestry is purposed, planned, and completed beyond our dimensions of linearity and limitation, beyond our ambitions, and beyond our successes and failures.  

   The best we can do, and perhaps all that we can do, is to press on when told to, turn when told to, and take on weight when told to.  The best we can do is to yield to the Master Artisan's hand---to His Plan; moreover, we should dust off the lies about our identity and value, and instead go forth unshakably and encouraged to discover into who we are being made."

Some thoughts today: Find something skillful to do for God and look for his anointing. If you love to do it, it won't be hard to serve Him.

Valor - insight to hold your ground. 
    Prudent in speech - taking thought about what to say. 
    Being diplomatic is knowing when and how to spend time 
    with someone.

~  Take your stand on what God's Word states, and be sure to take time to "build up your most holy faith" (see Jude verse 20)

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