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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#27 The Reality of Throne Life

Dr. Wesley L. Duewel: Jesus promises, "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne" (Rev. 3:21).

But that sitting is future, after we join Him in heaven, after the judgment seat of Christ, when He gives to us his rewards and honors.

Even now Jesus wants you to exercise an active throne life. Christ has identified with us so fully that He provides for each true follower a gracious provision beyond our asking or thinking.

It would be audacious and even blasphemous for you to suggest or claim the life that I now present if God's inspired Word did not clearly teach it.

Christ's provision for you is that by God's grace and your faith you can appropriate and experience to a sacred degree Christ's death, resurrection, and exaltation.

You can know the reality of being crucified with Christ (Gal. 2:20), raised with Christ (Eph. 2:6), and now seated with Christ already on His throne.

God has already "blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ" (Eph. 1:3). We are members of the body, of which He is head, so what happened to Him happens spiritually to us.

He is the Vine and we are the branches. We are in Him and He in us. The language is figurative, but the words are to be taken as true spiritual reality.

Potentially, you are already exalted to the throne where He reigns actually. Although you are still here on earth, your spirit is in the heavenlies with Christ.

You are in the world but not of it (John 17:11, 14).In spirit, you are lifted above the worldly, the earthly, and the temporal.

Bishop Moule in his  commentary on Ephesians 2:6 points out that because you are embodied "in Christ," you are beside him on His throne of intercessory dominion.

    "Believers are bodily in heaven in point of right, 
     and virtually so in spirit, and have their own place 
     assigned there, which is due time they shall take 
     possession of." Commentary Practical and Explanatory 
     on the Whole Bible, p. 1284

You are spiritually to share Christ's exaltation now. You are to participate in a throne life and role now. You will possess in heaven visibly only what you possess now spiritually.

Since all things are under  Christ's feet (Eph. 1:22) and you are "in Christ," then all things are potentially under your feet also. 

Paul assured the believers in Rome, "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet" (Rom. 16:20). Is not this what Jesus referred to when He said,

    "I have given you authority to trample on snakes 
     and scorpions and to overcome all the power of 
     the enemy" (Luke 10:19)? 

This conquest must be accomplished through prevailing intercession. Then you realize the power to crush Satan. By faith, in virtue of Christ's cross and in His name, you can even issue commands to Satan.

From your position where you are seated with Christ on the throne, you look down in spiritual vision upon Satan. In the words of Luther,

   "And though this world, with devils filled,l
    Should threaten to undo us,
           We will not fear, for God hath willed
    His truth to triumph through us.
          The Prince of Darkness grim,
    We tremble not for him;
          His rage we can endure,
    For lo, his doom is sure;
          One little word shall fell him.

(Google image and my emphasis added)

Used by permission of the author and Duewel Literature Trust, Inc., Greenwood, Indiana
#27 The Reality of Throne Life
by Wesley L. Duewel
(pp. 47-48) Zondervan 

Tribute to Dr. Wesley L. Duewel  

                     June 3, 1916 – March 5, 2016

"The life he lived, and the way in which he lived it, will continue to be a poignant spiritual challenge to us and many others. We are so grateful for the life and ministry of Dr. Wesley Duewel. We rejoice with you as his family and express deep gratitude to our Lord for a life extremely well lived for God’s honor and glory." Bob FetherlinPresident, One Mission Society.

    Father, after looking at what Dr. Wesley L. Duewel accomplished in his life of service to You and the kingdom, help us be more conscious in our own efforts to obey the calling on our lives.
    May the reality of throne life influence us to accept the responsibility placed on us as Christians.
    The conquest of Satan's schemes must be accomplished through prevailing intercession. This I know! 
    When we realize the power at our disposal because of what Christ has done on our behalf, may we put him under our feet in situations that rise up.
    I ask this to Christ's glory, and in His name. Amen.

Phyllis Ford, Arlington, TX

"The Lord began to speak to me concerning this time, and the significance of oil on several levels. He specifically said this would be a time of great release of His anointing and glory..."

Today’s Bible verses: Psalm 23:5 (NIV) You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Isaiah 10:27 (NKJV) It shall come to pass in that day that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.
Today’s quote: "If we want to be an inspiration to other people, we have to be inspired ourselves. We have to let God speak to us. We can't give to somebody else something we don't have And most of us don't have God actively speaking in our lives because we are to busy to listen to Him or give Him any time." DON'T LIMIT GOD by Andrew Wommack p. 37)

Our question today: Do we limit God? Ask Him if you do. He'll show you real quickly. Be patient. Be still before Him and wait on Him to speak to you.

Our thought today: Satan works overtime to separate us. Make every effort to stay connected with other Christians. Get yourself into a good, Bible-believing church.

Hymn Story: At Calvary by Diana Leagh Matthews

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