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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Lord Prepared a Way for Me

My Lord prepared a way for me
Where others had not been
A strange and lonely path at times
Within this world of sin

A path that often caught the eye
Of others that I knew
Who quickly chose to place contempt
On things they saw me do

For often though I tried to be
Like others I could see
In hope that they would also be
A friend to one like me

It seemed like something else would change
The path my feet were on
And suddenly the ones I thought
Were friends left me alone

And there I was again
With only God as my dear Friend
To Whom I'd speak and share my thoughts
On Whom I could depend

And trust that by His grace alone
My life would have a plan
Though sorely pressed by others
To adopt the ways of man

And He would promise that someday
His will would be made known
And in the end I'd choose no other
Way than He had shown

For everything along my path
Was tempered to impress
Upon my soul God's character
In how I live and dress

To catch the eye of others
Who had not been taught by Him
And who because of things they'd done
Were not like other men

Who had no care to follow
In the paths that others knew
Or think or speak or live their lives
The way that others do

But had in their experience
Uniquely touched the world
But needed yet to meet the Lord
And have His love unfurled

Just like a mighty banner
That is lifted to the sky
The way the cross was lifted
When the world's Redeemer died

And when at last His time was past
To rest within the tomb
He rose to proclaim victory
And seal the devil's doom.

So if you find at times the Lord
Has made your path unique
And others seem to cast contempt
On what you do and speak

Remember God has promised you
If you will trust His plan
And daily through obedience
Hold tightly to His hand

To use you in a special way
To reach the ones like you
Whom have not followed in the path
Like others seemed to do

But whom the Lord has chosen
To fulfill a special place
In doing God's redemptive work
To save the human race 

Matthew 3:1-6


Lee Forbes
November 27/16 

Let's pray-

     Father, we've known some hard times in our walk in following You, but You've always been there to hold us up with Your Presence, and giving us Your Word, which has been our stay.

   As we learn to fully trust Your guidance in our daily lives, may we seek to be a blessing to others, to help them come to know you, too.

    Your individual plans for each of us to further Your Kingdom are good ones, and will bring blessings to us and honor to You. 

   We will witness Your involvement in bringing the amazing happenings in answers to our obedience.

   It's in the Name of Jesus we pray. Amen.  

Today’s Bible verse-

(2 Sam. 22:2) "And he said, the LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer."

Today’s quote-

"Prayer makes it possible for God to do what He ants to do. He cannot operate without it. Remember, all true prayer begins in the heart of God. So He actually inspires our heart with the prayer and then goes about preparing the answer to that God-inspired prayer before we even speak it. When we truly understand this, then believing for answers becomes easy—far easier than if we had no understanding of God's part in the process." (Taken from p. 52 of DESTINED for the THRONE, by Paul E. Billheimer

Our thought today-

It's the Word of God that helps us see truth. Eat the book! Soak it in and get rooted in your faith. Ask questions, and get them from godly people who've walked with God a long time, and have found Him Faithful.

Our question today-

Will you be one who develops a hunger after God to increase a desire to know Him?

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A special post of my friend, Debbie McEwen-  

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  We can always trust in Him and He will protect us..."

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