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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Forgiveness of Christ

Max Lucado shares that some believe:
"Their dilemma was: “I know the Bible 
says I’m forgiven. But my conscience says 
I’m not!”

If this question hits home… If you 

haven’t accepted God’s forgiveness,
you’re doomed to live in fear. 

And no pill or pep talk can set you at ease. 

Am I right? You may deaden the fear, but you 

can’t remove it. 

Only God’s grace can do that!

Have you accepted the forgiveness of Christ? If not, do it! The 

Bible says “If we confess our sins, God is faithful–not just to
forgive us, but He cleanses us from all unrighteousness!" 
I John 1:9

Make it your simple prayer: Dear Father, I need forgiveness. I 

admit I’ve turned away from you. Forgive me, please. I place 
my soul in Your hands and I trust in your grace. Through Jesus, 
I pray. Amen.

Now! Live forgiven!

From Max on Life  (Nov 28, 2012)

Listen to UpWords with Max Lucado 

(Used by permission. Google image and emphasis added)

"Confession isn’t telling God what he doesn’t know. That’s 

impossible. It’s not pointing fingers at others without pointing
any at me. That may feel good, but it doesn’t promote healing. 
Confession is a radical reliance on grace—a trust in God’s 
goodness. The truth is, confessors find a freedom that deniers 
don’t!" [Also by Max Lucado, 1/04/13]

Today's quotes - Our Daily Bread:   12/21/12

    "Instead of hurling angry words
     That wound and stir up strife,
 Use words of kindness, filled with love,
    That heal and nourish life. - Sper

Kind hearts are the gardens; kind thoughts are the  roots;

   kind words are the flowers; kind deeds are the fruits." 

"Holy Spirit, we need Your help. Guard our hearts
and minds today. Help us control our thoughts and
words so that we might lift others up and show them
who You are and what You've done in us. Amen.

Wholesome words flow out of a life made new."
             1/23/13 Our Daily Bread

Our thought for today: Declare God's truth over a bad situation.

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Future  Mary Southerland "It sometimes
feels as if the fog of doubt and fear of
darkness will never lift from our lives. The
promises of God seem to get swallowed up
by the problems we face. 

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