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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whatever He Says, Do It!: Prayer Note #112


   Dutch Sheets tells us, "God is calling the Church to a new understanding of prophetic action and declaration, functioning as His voice and Body upon the earth. 

   When He speaks His plan to us, however foolish it may seem – to hold up a rod, speak to the spiritually dead, walk our neighborhoods, march through our streets, hit rocks, decree to the earth, lay hands on and speak to oppressive walls, walk across America, read the Bible toward the Capitol, speak to a nation that isn’t listening – He needs us to DO IT!

   The Lord may lead you to go to the bedroom of a rebellious child and anoint things with oil, pray over clothing, speak over the child’s bed or some other symbolic act. 

   Others of you will be called to make declarations over your cities and governments. 

   Some will be told to march on land, claiming it for the kingdom of God. 

   Whatever He says to you, do it. 

   Be bold to declare the Word of the Lord over and into situations.

   Sprinkle the seed of His Word into the earth and expect a harvest. 

   It will be established. It will arise! Life will come!”

Today’s Prayer Note #112Whatever He Says, Do It,  taken from Dutch Sheets’ book, Intercessory Prayer (pg 231)

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My prayer note for you: To have a list helps, but be willing to pray for what, or whoever comes to mind.

Let's pray: 
Father, Help me become bold in sharing your Word with those You bring into my path. May I remember that Your Spirit will deal with them. I need to be Your hands in getting it to them. Amen

Today's quotes: "Spending time and money on material things is fine, if done wisely, but spending time on a personal relationship with the Lord is the best investment." 
Frances Gregory Pasch

"We have to believe the Word of God more than anything else." Joyce Meyers

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