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Saturday, February 16, 2013

You Can See God

As seen on GodVine, "I sat at my desk 
staring at the letter for a long time.

 It was written by a friend of mine who 

was going through some difficult times. 

It listed problem after problem and 

seemed full of despair. 

It ended with these words: "I would 
like to have faith, but I have always had a problem in
believing in what I can't see. You can't see God, you know!"

After awhile I still hadn't thought of how to answer my friend's

letter and help him. Hoping a walk would help, I put a lease on one
of my dogs and headed out the back door.

The warm, golden sunshine of Spring warmed my face as soon 

as I stepped off the porch. A fresh breeze carried the scent of a 
thousand budding trees on it. 

A butterfly danced above a patch of dandelions floating from 

flower to flower. 

Robins were flying back and forth to the Maple tree in my
backyard carrying fresh grass and twigs to reline their

Across the road my new neighbor's children were playing in her 

backyard with a big ball. It was such a delight seeing her toddler
chasing after it with such joy.

I felt a nuzzle against my leg and looked down to see my dog 

cuddling in for a hug. I smiled and scratched his head while the 
laughter of the children and the sound of crickets in the woods 
blended together to create a unique and beautiful music.

I started to walk back inside and saw my own son grinning at

me from the window.

Most of the world could only see his mental handicaps, but 

when I looked at him then his eyes sparkled with a divine light. 

I waved to him and laughed when his older sister snuck up 

behind him and wrapped him in a loving hug.

When I got back inside, I knew what to write. 

I went to my friend's letter and wrote of everything I had just 

seen, smelled, heard, and felt in those brief moments outside. 
Then I finished by writing this:

'I think we all can see God! We just need to know where to 


Today's Story  You Can See God  (as seen on GodVine  2/5/13)

Let’s pray:  Father, help me to notice the creation all around me. May 
I realize anew how much You love me through all You have made for me 
to enjoy! Thank You for being so kind and gracious! I want to appreciate 
what is available to me each day to notice. In Jesus' name. Amen

Our Scripture for encouragement:  Ps. 32:8 (NASB)  "I will
 instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go. 
I will counsel you with My eye upon you." 

Today’s quote:  Jamie Hughes tells us in his article, 
(If He Wills, I Will)- "Because I belong to Jesus Christ, I focus 
on all I've been spared from rather than what I could be 
subjected to. I do not live in fear of the unknown. Instead, 
I rediscover a miracle each morning; I am able to walk, see, 
and think, and my first thought is to praise Him, to glorify 
His name with everything I am and all I do." [Taken from the 
October issue of Charles Stanley's magazine, In Touch.]

Our thought for today:  America needs pastors who boldly preach 
God's Word!

Tomorrow’s post:  Praying for Snakes  Martin Wiles

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