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Sunday, March 31, 2013

It Is Finished!

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"The disciples surely thought it was finished, 
that the world had gone insane.
How could the Father allow this to happen?
Was Jesus teaching all in vain?

Both Mary's surely thought it was finished,
as they witnessed their worst fears,
seeing the Man they both loved near death.
They could hardly see Him through their tears.

The high priests surely thought it was finished,
their voices rising in a victory shout,
thinking their competition had been wiped out.

Pontius Pilate just wanted it finished.
To what crimes can this Man confess?
Since I can find no fault with Him,
I will simply wash my hands of this mess.

Judas conscience surely knew he was finished,
as he regretted his actions too late.
He had betrayed the only Son of God,
and his name would earn history's hate.

The thief surely thought he was finished,
receiving just punishment for his life of sin,
until a single plea, Lord, remember me,
his new home in paradise to win.

The centurion surely thought, we're finished.
What is this wicked deed we have done?
As the earth beneath his feet trembled,
Surely this Man was God's Son.

Jesus cried out, it is finished.
Yet it had only just begun.
The Father and Son were reunited.
The two deities again became one.

Christ cried out, it is finished.
But it was only just beginning.
The apostles would continue His mission.
Hearts and souls they would soon be winning.

Satan's power over us, it is finished,
since Christ played the Sacrificial Lamb's part.
Jesus gave His life for you and me.
He's become the focus of the Christian's heart.

~ Lanette Kissel
  Today's Story from GodVine 3/28/13

  Our quote for today: 

Our Sacrificial Lamb

The cross lay bare and bloodstained...
The nails ripped from Christ's hands.
They came and took His body.
Most did not understand.

The crowd wept tears of sorrow
For they did not realize
His mission was accomplished...
In three days He would arise.

What seemed like such a tragedy
Was all part of God's plan.
When Jesus died, He paid the price...
Our sacrificial lamb.

 He conquered death by rising
 And opened heaven's door.
 If we will just believe in Him,
 Our destiny's secure. 

 © Frances Gregory Pasch
Frances Pasch <>
 Used by permission


[Google image added + one from Benny Hinn's letter]
"The most wonderful news is that we can beat death because Jesus paid our debt! 1 Cor. 15:55-57. Our Daily Bread 3/30/13

Calvary reveals the vileness of our sin and the vastness of God's love."
Our Daily Bread 3/28/13

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