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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pray For Me?

Keep praying

Beth Bingaman shares with us, "A sick sister, a friend who’s struggling in her marriage, a family crisis in our church family, the economy, and I’m watching my weight go up. 

All of these and there are many things on my 'to-do' list. 

No single one has turned to a real worry, but I am afraid that cumulatively, they are taking a toll on my tension level. My muscles are in knots. 

I’m a Christian . . . what’s wrong with this picture?

From a biblical perspective, nothing happens that is out of the realm of the sovereignty of God. 
He has offered to take my burden and, for some reason, I am insisting on carrying it myself. 

It is not that I haven’t prayed about all of these things – I have.  Repeatedly. 

In some cases, I have even seen God do wonders in the way He is at work in the circumstances.

What I realized today is that the one thing I have not asked Him to do is to take the burden I feel. 

I have prayed for the other people involved, I have prayed for circumstances to change, I have prayed for the medical personnel, I have prayed for bodies of believers to come alongside those who need help . . . 
but I have not prayed that God would increase my own faith, that He would again remind me of all His past faithfulness so I will trust Him with the current concerns (still not willing to call them worries!). 

I have not even had the humility to admit I need others to pray for me as I try to help.

My temptation is to lean on my own understanding of all these things and not to entrust them to God. 

As I look at the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6, I am reminded that these are not my problems to fix. 

In His time, in His way, and with the power that He has, and I don’t, God will work it all out for His glory and the good of those who need Him to act.

He has promised the prayers of the righteous have great power.

"The prayer of a righteous person has great power, as it is working" James 5:16b.

My responsibility is to keep praying, even for myself, to continue to remember He is God. He has sent a Savior; those I am praying for do not need me to be one too.

Pray. This is what you are commanded to do."

Pray for Me? – Beth Bingaman

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Beth Bingaman Beth Bingaman is a speaker and Bible teacher from Reading, PA. 

She is the mother of two adult children and grandmother of two precious grandchildren. 

She served as the teaching leader for the Reading, PA Bible Study Fellowship class for eight years. 

She has been teaching and speaking for retreats and women’s ministry events since September 2008. 

You can contact her to teach for your women’s ministry event or read her devotional blog at Follow her on Facebook at!/BethBingaman.

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Our prayer challenge today: The key to intimacy with God is being totally transparent with any sin, and washing it out! The purer the vessel, the more powerful our words will be. 

Prayer for pastors today: Day 13 "Pray that your pastor will make wise lifestyle choices in order to protect his health, especially in the areas of exercising, eating moderately, and getting sufficient rest. Pray for times of relaxation and renewal to balance the stress of ministry." Rom. 12:1-2; 1 Cor. 9:27; 10:13, 6:19-20; James 3:1-2  {The 31 Days of Praying for your Pastor, from }

Biblical Virtues to pray for your kids: #20 Compassion. "Lord, please clothe my children with the virtue of compassion: Col. 3:12

Today’s quote: Our Daily Bread: "Embracing God's love for us is the key to loving others."

Our thought for today: "We need to partner with God in our destiny/prophetic word, which leads to process." [Jeff McGrath]

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