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Sunday, April 13, 2014

How DO We Honor Christ?

Jean Oathout shares with us today some thoughts concerning our honoring Christ in our living.

We are admonished to "walk in the light", as Jesus is the True Light, revealing to us the Father's nature. 

Christ came in the image of the Father, so we could get to know Him intimately when we allow His Spirit to come into us in the salvation experience.

There was, and is, no darkness in Him, and we are encouraged to examine ourselves, to see if there is any darkness residing in us.

If we claim to be Christian, and that we know Jesus well, but don't keep the commands He gave us, then we are living a lie, and the truth is not in us.

In 1 John 1:1-10; 2:1-6, we find the apostle's words to Christians to confess our sins and forsake them.

In 1 John 2:12-17, we are reminded that when we confess and turn away from our sins, we will be challenged to not love the world, as everything in it tempts us to satisfy ourselves, which does not honor Christ.

Our fellowship with the Lord is of utmost importance in our honoring Christ. We need to spend some time in His presence and to read the Bible in order to gain insight and instruction to show us how to honor Him.

Our fellowship with other Christians is also very important, as we can then learn from them how to think and behave in ways that honor Christ. There'll be challenges, too, but we'll grow in grace as we learn to lean on God in our daily experiences.

As we study Christ's walk, we will find out that He did only what His Father instructed Him. We need to do that, too, as we have a sinful, natural nature to deal with. Eph. chapters 4-6 tell us how we are to live our Christian life.

Our key to honoring Christ is obedience to what He's instructed us. The first and foremost thing is to believe in Him as being God's Son, and to receive Him as our own personal Savior. We will discover that it is the only way to find peace with the Father, and the ability to do His commandments.

May our lives become true examples of God's grace, as He works in us each day to honor Jesus Christ, the Savior!

By Jean Oathout   How DO We Honor Christ?

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Stand Tall
Diana's picture
Diana Derringer shares with us from her blog post, Stand Tall:

"Each Redwood began as a tiny seed. Each had an uphill battle to survive. Life can’t be easy for them. Yet, facing hardships makes them stronger.

 standing tall and courageous does not mean we never have problems or we’re never afraid. It does mean:
  • We face our fears and grow stronger.
  • We learn from our struggles and grow wiser.
  • We accept our limits and grow humble.
  • We support one another and grow closer.
Whatever comes our way, we can stand tall, knowing, with God’s help, we never stand alone."

“Do not be afraid. Stand firm” (Exodus 14:13 NIV)

(Be sure to read Diana's full blog post.)

Stand Tall  By Diana Derringer on Mar 17, 2014 08:00 pm

Diana Derringer

Let’s pray: 

   "Lord, You have done so much for me. Please show me what I can do to serve You—to honor you with the abilities You have provided. May my life be a living sacrifice of love and action for Your honor."  (Our Daily Bread 3/21/14)

ear Father, thank You for the incredible privilege of being called Your child. May we understand more fully what it means to be identified with Your Son, Jesus Christ. Work in us and through us. 

We honor God’s name when we call Him our Father and live like His children.”  (Our Daily Bread 4/3/14)

Today’s Bible verses: Romans 15:13   "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Ps. 1:3 (The man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly...) "He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers."

Today’s quotes: 

Do We Radiate God's Light to Others?

Do others see Christ living in us?
Do our lives point that He is the Way?
Do we radiate His love to others?
By the actions and words that we say?

Is His joy inscribed on our faces?
Do we share all the things that He's done?
Do we have a real hunger to witness
So that none will be lost—no, not one?

Let's aim to draw others to Jesus
By the things that we do and we say.
Let's be a light in the darkness
To assure them that Christ is the Way."
(page 56)

Double Vision: Seeing God in Everyday Life through 
Devotions  and Poetry by Frances Gregory Pasch published by 
Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

(Used by permission.)   

 Daily Bread: "What do our actions in the last few months reveal about our affections? Is there any indication that we have placed someone or something above God?"  3/20/14

James - "A true Christian knows - Grows + Shows Jesus in their life."

Joe Stowell - "We can't change the entire world singlehandedly, but by God's grace we can let the difference Christ has made in us make a difference in the world around us.

Some thoughts today: 

et my hands perform His bidding.
Let my feet run in His ways,
Let my eyes see Jesus only. 
Let my lips speak forth His praise. James

When we walk with God, we leave behind
a sweet fragrance that can inspire others to follow."

Our Daily Bread 3/18/14

- If
 it's worth talking about, don't just talk about it, go to the person involved. There may be times it is best to not get involved, but to keep silent, and to only pray. You may save yourself some embarrassment by not giving your opinion.

Learning to Listen with Our Eyes  By David R. Sincerbox 
March 17, 2014 "Many of us operate under the assumption 
that if we say something that sounds Biblically correct, then 
we can quickly fix what’s wrong...Pat answers are not listening 
with our eyes. They do not represent the wisdom a sufferer or
a lost friend might need." 

(Be sure to check out David's post, as it is very helpful)

For more insight to the nature of wisdom, order Derek Kidner’s book, The Wisdom of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastesfrom our online store. Or read the article, “Discovering Wisdom,” by T. M. Moore.

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A Popular post: Stick Shift Life   Susan Lyttek "When Christ and I are one, no one riding along the path of life can see me, my sins, or my failings." 

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