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Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Cooking Will Be Grand

My Cooking Will Be Grand
Debbie McEwen 

Will we eat in heaven?
I'd like to think we might
I'd love to share a meal
With everyone in sight.

I'd cook my favorite dishes
And fix them oh so well
To please all of my family
And everyone else as well.

Heaven's such a perfect place
With joyful prayers and song
That I would like to add
Happy fuel for everyone.

I would humbly offer
My cooking to my God
I'd like to think if I do my best
My efforts He would laud.

I've never been a perfect cook
Or perfect anything
But I believe that God is pleased
When we do our best for Him.

So I guess that I must practice
To be the best I can
So when I go to heaven
My cooking will be grand.

Let’s pray:

   Father, I ask that You guide
my efforts to serve You and
others by with my talents.

   The abilities come from You,
and I'll do my best to work with
them for the Kingdom.

   We know You have good plans for us, and we thank You for them.

   Have Your way in my life, Lord. Help me be sensitive to what You're showing me to do for others.

   I'll look to Your enablement in my being a blessing. In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 32:8 "I Will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.."

Today’s quote:  Our Daily Bread: “Lord, help me remember that there are no small places or small people. All are precious in Your sight. May I see the value of my work and cherish it as You do. Anyone doing God’s work in God’s way is important in His sight." 7/20/14

Some thoughts today: Learn your lessons well, so you can help others in the things of God.

- God approves of you! He has affirmed you. He is pleased in what you've done. Do you have many choices to chose from? God will help you, if you'll let Him.

          What to do every day when you wake up…
          by Danica Sinclair Dunpheyfrom the
  sermon series on Ephesians by Richard Sinclair.
  Listen to the messages on

 “Wake up and remind yourself that you have a part to play in the unfolding plan of God. That you are called to serve Him and to impact the lives of people around you through prayer, giving, serving, and sowing. And that nothing and no one can stop you from walking out His kingdom will for your life.

Wake up and remind yourself that your labor in the Lord matters – that He sees your love, your sacrifice, and your patience toward all men, and especially toward the saints, and that He will not forget your work and labor of love.”

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I sat on the balcony one morning and watched as a maintenance man for the resort approached a palm tree and pulled a brown, life-less branch from under the green leaves. 

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