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Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Didn't Quit!

I Didn’t Quit  by  James Cagle

I didn’t quit
When my cross became so heavy
And there were no stars in the sky
When my path was rough and rocky
And God gave no answer to my question "Why?"

I didn’t quit

When the winds ripped my sails to shreds
And my ship was battered upon the sea
When all looked hopeless in the storm
But in spite of it all I chose to believe.

I didn’t quit

When my fam’ly and friends forsook me
And I was suddenly all alone
When my path got steep and thorny
And tomorrow wasn’t fore-shown.

I didn’t quit

When the one avowed to me for life
Released my hand and walked away.
When promises made were not kept
And the enemy mocked me along life’s way.

I didn’t quit

When all the lies began to be told
And I was wrongfully defamed
When my name became a by-word
And my enemies were never named.

I didn’t quit

When I was introduced to cancer
And my life spun out of control
And it seemed I was losing the battle
And fear and pain commanded my soul.

I didn’t quit

When I lost ev’rything that I held dear
And I no longer felt like living
When all I had slipped through my fingers
And I felt my mind start darkening.

I didn’t quit

When my heart fin’ly broke in two
And up ahead the way looked so hard
And I knew if I rose again tomorrow
My pain and sorrow I must disregard.

I didn’t quit

While in the furnace of affliction
For I knew the fiery trial refined me
That pain and sorrow are the tools
God uses to work a change in me.

I didn’t quit

Because others were watching me
And Jesus Christ was counting on me
And I knew I could make a difference
That would matter for eternity.

I didn’t quit

Because faith kept leading me on
When all looked hopeless I had hope
I knew quitting would mean defeat
So I never set foot on that slip’ry slope.

I didn’t quit

Because I firmly believed
That God is always true to His Word
That He will give me a song in the night
And He ordained ev’rything that occurred.

I didn’t quit

Because I knew down deep in my heart
God has a purpose for ev’ry trial
A reason for the pain and heartache
And trust in Christ made them effectual.

I didn’t quit

For I knew all things come through Christ
Each pain and heartache He designed for me
And with His Word He guided me
And His work of grace was real to me.

I didn’t quit

Because the Spirit of Christ dwells within
And greater is He that is in me
Than he that is in the world
And He is the One the world needs to see.

I didn’t quit

Because I never quit reading God’s Word.
Through pain and sorrow I continued to feed
And I believed ev’ry word I would read
And therefore the enemy did not succeed.

I didn’t quit

For these temporal light afflictions
Will win me a crown on Judgment Day
And that crown I’ll cast at Jesus’ feet
For sustaining me as I continued God’s way."

By James Cagle

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The Wind–God’s Weapon

by Lift the Cross of Jesus!

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Let’s pray:

   Father, there have been
hard times, and I want to
thank You for guiding me
through each of them.

   May I not forget that You
desire to help me go through each trial.

   Help me to not quit any particular struggle, and to keep
faith in Your ability to oversee the circumstances.

   I want to remain strong and able to learn from them quickly.

   I ask for Your grace, to honor You in everything I do, say, and think. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 5:11 "But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice; let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them that love thy name be joyful in thee."

Today’s quote: Dave Egner – “We may face sorrow, pain, and hardship, but we don’t have to sink into self-pity. The same God who allows our suffering also showers us with His compassion Lam. 3:32. With God’s love lifting us up, we can – if we have to – ‘play’ in pain.”

Some thoughts today: Let the love in you reach out to hurting people. God wants to use you in saving lives, so ask for the courage to do it.

- People need to know they can trust you. Your sharing your story with them helps them connect with you as nothing else can.

- Pray for someone where they are, for God to touch them and bring healing. God wants to use you to minister to someone at the point of their need.

   What to do every day when you wake up…
  (shared by Danica Sinclair Dunpheyfrom the
  sermon series on Ephesians by Richard Sinclair.
  Listen to the messages on

 “Wake up and remind yourself that you are a valued part 
of the Body of Christ, the people of God in the earth today. 
And that you are called to strengthen the body through love by supplying what only you can supply.

 up and remind yourself that you are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.”

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Someone's caption
of an "angel"
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