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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Jungle

Max Lucado -It’s a jungle 
out there! And for many, 
hope is in short supply. 

What would it take to restore 

your hope?

Though the answers are abundant, three come quickly to mind. The first would be someone who knows the way out. 

And from that someone you need vision. Someone to look you in the face and say,

   'Don’t give up! There’s a better place than this.' 

Most importantly, you need direction. 

If you have a person with direction who can take you to the right place—ah, then you have one who can restore your hope.

To use David’s words in Psalm 23, "HE restores my soul!'

God, our Shepherd, majors in restoring hope to the soul! Loneliness diminishes because you have fellowship. 

Despair decreases because you have vision. 

Confusion begins to lift because you have direction. 

Please note– you haven’t left the jungle. It hasn’t changed, but you have. 

You have hope!

A Jungle  by Max Lucado

From Traveling Light

Listen to UpWords with Max Lucado 

Let’s pray: 

   Father, we do need
someone to lead us when
we feel lost.

   Help me remember that
each time I'm confused or feeling down.

   Thank You that confusion begins to lift when I have direction. I ask for Your guidance, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: 1 Chron. 4:10 MSG "Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request."

Today’s quote: Eddie Jones – “To Him who is able to protect you from stumbling and to make you stand in the presence of His glory … be glory, majesty, power, and authority … now and forever. God is able to lift us up and carry us through the tough times so we can shoulder the burdens of others.”

Some thoughts today: (1) Put Jesus first in your heart and life, (2) fellowship with members of your church family, (3) break bread together as Christians, (4) and take time to be alone with God.

- Pray to keep these priorities straight in your life.

- Are you a spiritual humidifier before others, making the atmosphere pleasant when you come around?

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