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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Small Giant

Poh Fang Chia tells us, The 
towering enemy strides into the 
Valley of Elah.

He stands 9 feet tall, and his
coat of armor, made of  many
small bronze plates, glimmers 
in the sunlight.

The shaft of his spear is wrapped with cords so it can spin through the air and be thrown with greater distance and accuracy. Goliath looks invincible.

But David knows better.

While Goliath may look like a giant and act like a giant, in contrast to the living God he is small.

David has a right view of God and therefore a right view of the circumstances.

He sees Goliath as one who is defying the armies of the living God (1 Sam. 17:26).

He confidently appears before 
Goliath in his shepherd's clothes, 
armed with only his staff, five 
stones, and a sling.

His confidence is not in what he has but in who is with him (v 45).

What "Goliath" are you facing right now?

It may be an impossible situation at work, a financial difficulty, or a broken relationship.

With God all things are small in comparison. Nothing is too big for him.

The words of the hymn writer Charles Wesley remind us: 

   "Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees, and looks to that
    alone; laughs at impossibilities, and cries it shall be 

God is able to deliver you if that's His desire, and He may do so in ways you don't expect. Poh Fang Chia

Not to the strong is the battle,
Not to the swift is the race;
 Yet to the true and the faithful
Victory is promised through grace. Crosby

Don't tell God how big your giants are.
Tell your giants how big your God is.

Our Daily Bread 9/12/14

Pray with me:

   Father, as we've read about David,
may we remember that he had a right 
view of God and therefore a right 
view of the circumstances.

   Knowing You love me, and that You have the overview of my circumstances, may I have Your perspective, so I can also accomplish what I need to do.

   Thank You for Your power within me today. In the Name of Your Son, Jesus, I ask for Your will to be done. Amen. 

(Google images and emphasis added)

Today’s Bible verse: 1 Samuel 17:37 "The LORD...will deliver me."

Today’s quote: Our Daily Bread -

"A careless word may kindle strife,
A cruel word may wreck a life;
A timely word may lessen stress,
A loving word may heal and bless. - Anon

Some thoughts today: Are we thankful for all that God has done, and are we ready to receive the "new" moving of His Spirit among us?

How should we respond? If we see it's in God's Word, the Bible, we can have respect to this move of the Holy Spirit. 

- Blessed are they who are desperate and hungry for God! God wants to light a fire in us, as passion drives us into His Presence. Let's let the Holy Spirit stir us!

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