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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#63 Enjoying Prayer

C. Peter Wagner: How can personal prayer 
become more enjoyable?

I plan on writing more about personal prayer in 
another book in this series on prayer, but because developing strong personal prayer habits is so essential to preparing spiritual warriors for battle, I will briefly mention five principles that will help a great deal if you want to enjoy prayer more:

The place. Find a comfortable, peaceful place as your habitual place of prayer. Having a pleasant and familiar environment will bring you more quickly and naturally into an attitude of prayer. To help you relax, take a cup of coffee or a glass of juice with you. There is nothing wrong with feeling good while you are praying.

The time. I agree with Larry Lea that a reasonable long-range goal for a daily prayer time is one hour. I also understand that for many this will be a lifelong goal that may never be reached on a regular basis. If you are starting from scratch, use short -range goals and plan to increase the time gradually.

If this sounds quite demanding to you, try starting with 5 minutes, then increase it to 10. In my opinion, 5 minutes every day is much more valuable that 15 minutes every 3 days, even though I would consider either clearly inadequate for strategic-level spiritual warfare.

The attitude. Concentrate on making your prayer time a personal relationship with God. I like what Pastor John Bisagno says:

    "Prayer is a conversation, a union, an intermingling of 
     two personalities. God speaks to me and I speak to Him."

For many of us, it will take some effort and experience to allow this to happen because we are not used to hearing from God. Bisagno says, 

    "Waiting on God is not a mere abstract passing of time. It 
     is a definite spiritual exercise during which, after having 
     spoken to God, He in turn, speaks to you."

Few things will make prayer more enjoyable than hearing God speak to you. some experienced pray-ers even take notes on what He says and call it "journaling."

The format. I strongly suggest using the Lord's Prayer as a daily format for the entire prayer time. This advice has been frequently given since the time of Marin Luther, but the present day manual I recommend most is Larry Lea's Could You Not Tarry One Hour? (Creation House).

The quality. Experience shows that the quality of prayer usually follows the quantity, not vice versa. As you develop a personal prayer life, do not be overconcerned with sleepiness or daydreaming. Quality will come over time. I once heard Mike Bickle say that if you set aside 60 minutes for prayer you may begin by getting 5 good minutes. But then the 5 become 10, the 10 become 20 and the quality increases.

Enjoying prayer is a sure sign that you are receiving good 
preparation for spiritual warfare.

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#63  Enjoying Prayer
By C. Peter Wagner
(pgs. 110 - 112) Regal Books

     Father, "this life is full of uncertainty. But You have promised us Your unfailing presence. May we see You todayespecially when we are tempted to panic or to do things in our own strength.
No danger can come so near the Christian 
that God is not nearer."
Quoted from Our Daily Bread

I Open My Heart

"As a little child opens his box of most precious treasures to share with his most trusted friend, I open my heart to You, Lord. You know, You can see what is there. You see the most secret, closed places that no one else knows about. You know what is there, my most treasured memories, my deepest thoughts, my greatest concerns, my fondest hopes, my true heart's desire.

I open them to You, Lord, I give You complete access. I trust You completely because I know how much You care. How You treasure this place in me. I am Your precious child and I weep. Your love overwhelms me. I am so loved. You listen, You care so very deeply for me, for all Your children. Blessed be Your holy name."

by Debbie McEwen

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 138:5 "Yea, they shall sing in the ways of the LORD: for great is the glory of the LORD."

Today's praise verse: Ps. 18:3 "I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my enemies."

Today's prayer for pastors: "Pray that your pastor will use discernment in the use of e-mails, the internet, and the media. Ask God to guard his heart concerning the use of free time. Pray that he will be morally pure and that he will wear the armor of God so that He will not fall into sexual temptation. (Rom. 13:14; 1 Pet. 1:16; Eph. 6:10-18; 2 Cor. 10:4)

Today’s quote:  Dr. Charles F. Stanley - "Regardless of the cause, anxiety will take our eyes off our omnipotent, loving heavenly Father and focus our attention on our circumstances. No wonder God repeatedly reminds us not o fear—He wants His children to feel secure in His capability and trustworthiness."  (Taken from Dr. Charles F. Stanley's In Touch daily readings for devoted living - May 2015 pg 25 Used by permission - 

Some thoughts today: Stop trying to make God's promises happen! Ask God want He wants. What we may want may not be what He intends to have happen. (That seems to hit home, doesn't it?)

- Be careful what you pray for! Let God take your broken pieces of your life and put them together in the manner He sees fit, for your good and His honor.

- Get still, and realize God's presence and love. He is with you to heal and to help.

"God is always accessible in our time of need"
{Our Daily Bread 4/29/15}

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