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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#75 Recognizing the Enemy's Strongholds

C. Peter Wagner: How does Satan, or the territorial spirits he assigns to nations, achieve control?

Gwen Shaw, who has long been recognized as a leading 
strategic-level intercessor, says..

    "The ruling spirits have no authority to move into an 
    area without permission. Certain conditions give them
    authority to set up the base of their kingdom from whence
    they rule over the people in that area." 
[Redeeming the

These conditions are frequently referred to as strongholds." 
George Otis, Jr., describes strongholds as "nothing less than satanic command and control centers." 

Cindy Jacobs argues that the "legal entrances which have allowed Satan to establish the strongholds in the first place" can be seen as the "gates of the city."

She points out that in biblical times city gates were "symbols of authority," places where the elders sat to discuss the welfare of the city. [Possessing the Gates]

Those who are active in ministries of ground-level spiritual warfare know that frequently demons find entrance points into individuals through trauma, sexual abuse, abortion, curses, substance addiction, the occult or any number of other footholds.

In many cases, inner healing is necessary for effective deliverance. Charles Kraft says that many people give Satan grounds by..

    "hanging onto such emotions as bitterness, unforgiveness, 
     desire for revenge, fear, and the like."

He goes on to add,..

    "I believe that there is no problem that a person has with
     an evil spirit that is not tied to some inner problem."
     [Christianity with Power]

I have heard Kraft say several times that demons are like rats that feed on garbage. Remove the garbage and the rats are relatively easy to kick out!

A similar phenomenon frequently prevails in strategic-level spiritual warfare. Nations as a whole can harbor "garbage' that needs to cleaned up before principalities and powers can be weakened.

It is quite possible, for example, that the shameful way early American settlers treated many American Indians has provided a number of significant historical strongholds for the demonic forces presently at work attempting to tear American society apart.

This may be one of the reasons who demonic activity is commonly found to be especially powerful in and around some Indian burial grounds.

Gwen Shaw lists 14 such national or city strongholds that have turned up with some regularity in her years of ministry on strategic-level intercession.

They include idolatry; pagan temples; shedding of innocent blood such as through murder, abortion or war; witchcraft; mind control; removal of prayer from schools; sexual perversion; substance abuse; fighting and hatred; occult objects; questionable toys; perverted media; relationships and uncontrolled emotions. [Redeeming the Land]

The list could be extended almost ad infinitum, but this suffices as a representative sample of national strongholds that may need to be dealt with before certain territorial spirits can be conquered.

(Google image and emphasis added)

#75  Recognizing the Enemy's Strongholds
By C. Peter Wagner
(pg. 129 - 130) Regal Books

May I be open to what needs to be done in order
that others can be freed from demonic strongholds.
I see now, that In many cases, inner healing
is necessary for effective deliverance.
Give us insight and understanding for effective
ministering. Let the Mind of Christ be strong
in those of us who deal with folks who
are at times controlled by demon activity.
I ask this in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Today’s Bible verse:  Ps. 5:12 "For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous: with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield."

Today’s quote: S. D. Gordon - "The greatest thing any one can do for God and for man is to pray. It is not the only thing. But it is the chief thing. A correct balancing of the possible powers one may exert puts it first. For if a man is to pray right he must first be right in his motives and life. And if a man be right, and put the practice of praying in its right place, then his serving and giving and speaking will be fairly fragrant with the presence of God." (Taken from Gordon's book: Quiet Talks on Prayer, pg.11)

Some thoughts today: We are the Body of Christ with different gifts, talents, and functions. (Eph. 4:15, 16; 1 Cor. 12:12) We have various measures of faith suited to accomplish the tasks God has for us.

- We need one another, as not everyone can prophecy, teach, preach, work in helps, organize activities, encourage others, and show extra compassion and mercy. We have different callings, as to what the Lord wants us to do as individuals.

-Walk in who you are. Giftings are not for our benefit, but for others. Grow in your strengths. Focus on your strengths. 

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his teaching on demonic power: "It seems evident that we see a kind of demonic power at work through shamans, New Age channelers, occult practitioners, witches and warlocks,.."   (save to check in sometime)

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Job Had No Bible

James H. CagleThe book of Job is about 
a man named Job who goes through great suffering at the hands of Satan.

Job’s already a man of great character when we meet him. He’s been through many trials to have the testimony that "he feared the Lord and eschewed evil." 

So trials were nothing new to Job, but the trial we read about is probably the greatest in Job’s life.

The book opens and lists Jobs wealth and spiritual status and Satan accusing Job of being insincere and worshiping God for what he can get from Him. 

Satan in his accusation sounds like he knows more about Job than God does, Who is Omniscient. 

But God doesn’t argue that point, but puts down His fence of protection around Job, points His finger in Satan’s face, and says, prove it.

Satan immediately takes all of Jobs earthly possessions; including his children. In his deepest, darkest, most painful valley, we see Job at his best and for what he really is. 

Job’s trial proved he was sincere in his relationship with God. 

Like Job, it’s not on the mountaintop that our sincerity is tested 
and we get the real picture of our faith and commitment and consecration, but rather it’s down in the valley where the darkness can be felt, that our true spiritual state is discovered.

At his lowest moment in life, "Job worshiped" God. Then and there Job’s worship was at its purest state. 

At this point is where most of us would have thrown in the towel and walked away from God and accused Him of not loving us. We don’t believe a loving Heavenly Father would allow such things to happen to us, even if doing so will be for our ultimate good and His glory. 

But one must be mature in their faith, not just religiously inclined to be tested like Job. And that rules out most of us.  

The book of Job is the oldest book in the world. There are documents older than Job, but not books. 

Job, as well as his friends, had no Bible. They lived during the time of Abraham; long before the Law was given to Moses. Yet they understood more about the attributes of God and of righteousness and wickedness than the average Christian today who has a Bible. 

Job understood atonement and redemption and life after death, morality, and charity (1:53:13-1918:18-2119:25-27ch.31)

He understood God created this world and that He was Sovereign over all the affairs of man. Job understood sin originated in the heart, and because it was real sin and God saw it, it must be covered with the blood of a sacrifice (1:5; 31:1).

Job had no Scripture to read, study, memorize, meditate on, or promises 
to stand on, yet God was real to him.

He had a vibrant relationship with Him because he accepted and acted upon the 
limited revelation God gave of Himself in creation, and in his conscience, and in history. What sort of Christians are we today with a much fuller revelation of God than Job had?

When we think of how it would be without
our Bibles, we need to realize that
in order to relate to You, we'll have to
remember what we've read, and make
every attempt to live it out each day.
Knowing of so many folks losing their lives
because of their faith in You, prepare us
to be ready to do the same, if need be.
Open our eyes to Your supreme authority
over everything in our lives. Help us
become more conscious of Your presence
with us through everything You've created,
as well as the Holy Bible that was given to us.
I ask this in the precious Name of Jesus.

Today’s Bible verse: Jer. 10:23 O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps."

Today’s quotes: Chuck Swindoll - “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”

Linda W. Rooks - "A stronghold in a person's life gives Satan 
access, and although as Christians we have been delivered 
from the power of darkness, we are not necessarily free from
the presence of darkness.
Too often we are ignorant of the 
disruptive role Satan is playing in the havoc around us. If we 
ignore him, we give him free rein."   (Taken from her book, 
Broken Heart on Hold  pg. 134).

Some thoughts today: If someone has believed in the Lord, and has accepted them into their hearts, He will not leave them, no matter what!

- God will not go against someone's will to get His will accomplished, but He will find a way to reach them because of someone's praying for them. Nothing will stop God, as long as they are being prayed for...

- It is God's will for us all to be saved, and that we enjoy Life in His Son, Jesus. Keep praying for Him to move, and He will. He has a plan, and He will be faithful to answer prayers on the behalf of others. 

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A popular post:   Walking Through Dark Valleys  Dr. Charles F. Stanley shares with us today about walking through dark valleys:

"As a teenager, Joseph lost almost 

His family, his position as the favored son, his home, and his freedom were abruptly taken from him..." 

Second Chances: Job  Post by Diana Leah Matthews   (save to check in sometime)

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stuck in the Mud

Marion Stroud: We were absolutely Stuck! I was laying the wreath in place on my parent's grave, my husband eased the car off the road to allow another car to pass.

It had rained for weeks and the parking area'was sodden. When we were ready to leave, we discovered that the car was stuck. The wheels spun, sinking further and further into the mud.

We weren't going anywhere without a push, but my husband had a damaged shoulder, and I had just come out of the hospital. We needed help!

At a distance I saw two young men, and they responded cheerfully to my frantic waves and shouts. Thankfully, their combined strength pushed the car back onto the roadway.

Psalm 40 recounts God's faithfulness when David cried for help. "I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he...heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire" (vv. 1-2 NLT).

Whether this psalm refers to an actual pit or the challenging circumstances, David knew the he could always call on God for deliverance.

God will help us too when we call on Him. Sometimes He intervenes directly, but more often He works through other people.When we admit our need to Him—and perhaps to others—we can count on His faithfulness.

    I praise You, heavenly Father, that You rescue me from any pit no matter how deep. Help me to accept the help of others
and to be ready to offer it to those in need.

Hope comes with help from God and others."
Our Daily Bread  5/23/15

Today’s Bible verse: Psalm 40:1-2 "I waited patiently for the Lord; He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the mud and mire; He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand."

Today’s quote: Linda W. Rooks "At this moment Jesus invites you to put your heart with all its brokenness in the shelter of his waiting hand. His love reaches out through time to woo you. It calls to you through the beauty of creation, the mournful wailing of the prophets, the blood trickling from the crown of thorns, and the hope of new life radiating from the empty tomb. His hands though might and strong enough to calm the storm, are tender as they reach out to comfort and heal."   (Taken from her book, Broken Heart on Hold pgs. 48, 49).

Some thoughts today: Jesus is the example of how to treat others. We're to love others in ways that won't benefit us, but to bless them.  (Luke 6:27-35)

- There is risk in loving our enemies, yes, but the benefits out-way it. True worship is costly. 

- Remember the woman who poured the fragrant oil on Jesus? It dearly cost her, but her love and gratefulness caused her to not count the cost. (Matt. 26:7-13)

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A popular post:  What's the Good of Prayers?  
Oswald Chambers: "It is not part of the life of a natural man to pray. We hear it said that 'a man will suffer in his life if he does not pray’; I question it. 

What will suffer is the life of the Son of God in him, which is nourished not by food, but by prayer. When a man is born from above..."   (save to check in sometime)

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

#74 Satan's Lust for the Nations

C. Peter Wagner: One of the things God used to impress 
Cindy Jacobs to her ministry, Generals of Intercession,
was the realization that Christians desperately need a strategy.

She says, "It became clear that the enemy has a strategy for every nation and ministry." (Possessing the Gates of the Enemy (Tarrytown, NY: Chosen Books, 1991, p. 32.)

Scriptures are quite clear that Satan has a lust for power over nations. In Revelation 20 we read that Satan will one day be bound for 1,000 years.

The text mentions only one thing this binding will change: "He should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished" (Rev. 20:3).

When the 1,000 years are over, Satan will be released and the only thing mentioned that he will then do is "go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth: (Rev. 17:15).

I have previously mentioned the harlot who controls peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues (see Rev. 17:15). (see #25  Territorial Spirits)

When the evil city of Babylon is thrown down, one of the great cries of rejoicing is that no longer by her sorceries would all the nations be deceived (see Rev. 18:23). 

The reason I say Satan "lusts" for this power over nations is that more than once we are told that the evil spirit called the harlot commits fornication with political rulers who have authority over nations (Rev. 17:2; 18:3).

Even if the fornication is to be understood figuratively, it connotes nothing less than lust. These nations Satan desires to control are the same kingdoms he offered to Jesus at the temptation in the wilderness.

And they are the same nations to which Jesus refers in the great Commission: "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations" (Matt. 28:19).

Jesus commands us to move out in His authority to retake the nations Satan has under his dominion. No wonder we find ourselves in spiritual warfare when we seriously engage in world evangelization.

We are threatening Satan at a very sensitive and emotional point. We are taking from him his lovers!

(Cindy Jacob's photo from the Generals of Intercession page, and my emphasis added)

#74  Remitting the Sins of Nations
By C. Peter Wagner
(pg. 127 - 129) Regal Books


When opportunities come to join with others
in prayer for our nation, I ask that Your
Spirit prompt us to be willing to help.
Our nation is in trouble, more ways than one,
so it is important for us to be praying for the
present and future leaders.
May men and women of integrity take the
leadership to bring about changes that
please You, and bring blessing to us again.
I ask this in the Name of Jesus, and for His glory.

Today’s Bible verse: Prov. 4:7  "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."

Today’s quote: S. D. Gordon - "Waiting is not an occasional nor a hurried thing. It means steadfastness, that is holding on;  Patience, that is holding back; Expectancy, that is holding the face up to see; obedience, that is holding one's self in readiness to go or do; it means listening, that is holding quiet and still so as to hear." (Taken from Quiet Talks on Prayer [out of print], pg. 107).

Some thoughts today: When we speak the authority of Jesus' accomplishment into situations, it takes knowing we are in Him.

- Expect changes: no more "church" as usual! Radical people take the initiative to pray and see God move.

- God is always with us, but there are times He will move on us to spend more time with Him for more anointing to accomplish His will.

{By the way, these "thoughts" are from notes of messages I've heard, so I can share some words of wisdom with you}.

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shares with us about the seriousness of faithful, committed intercessions, and what they bring.

"Charles G. Finney, one of the most effective evangelists of the last century, met Daniel 
Nash early in his ministry..."   (save to check in sometime)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#73 Remitting the Sins of Nations

C. Peter Wagner: Many raise questions about the appropriateness of taking the spiritual offensive against principalities and powers because of the Bible's teaching that they have already been defeated.

We are told that on the cross Jesus "disarmed principalities and powers [and] made a public spectacle of them" (see Col. 2:15). If they have been defeated, who are we to think that we can add to Jesus' work on the cross?

Nothing, of course, can be added to the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. His sacrifice was made once and for all. Satan has been defeated. Jesus has overcome the world.

The outcome of the war is no longer in doubt. But meanwhile we are engaged in mop-up operations. The Kingdom of God is here and we are a part of it, but it will not arrive in its fullness until Jesus' second coming.

Then, and only then, will Satan be cast into a bottomless pit and finally into the lake of fire. Until then he is the prince of the power of the air, although a defeated prince who is constantly being pushed back as the gospel spreads throughout the world.

Civil rights leaders and social planners alike are realistic enough to know that only through strenuous and conscientious effort on the part of all Americans will our social situation ever be brought in line with the full legal intent of the Emancipation Proclamation. 

How long that will take is anyone's guess. Meanwhile, I myself want to be counted among those Americas who are striving right now to see complete equality and social justice for African-Americans as well as for all other minority groups. 

The war for liberation was won in 1863, {and signed into effect by Abraham Lincoln}, but I also want to be part of winning the mop-up battles for civil rights in the 1990's.

Jesus' death on the cross was the emancipation proclamation for the human race. However, 2,000 years later multitudes are not yet saved and huge segments of the world's peoples live in social disaster areas.

Just as I want to see victims of social injustice in our nation receive their rightful freedom, so I also want to see victims of satanic oppression around the world freed from Satan's evil grasp.

In order to do either, however, it is not enough to look back to legitimate legal transactions made 130 or 2,000 years ago. Evil is too great and too aggressive.

Tom White of Frontline Ministries says, 

    "Too often the church is re-active in responding to this
     flood. But the role of the redeemed is to be courageously 
     pro-active in devising and implementing strategies that
     penetrate and weaken the influence of evil. "The Believers
     Guide to Spiritual Warfare
 (Ann Arbor, MI: Servant 
     Publications, 1990) p. 15.

#74  Remitting the Sins of Nations
By C. Peter Wagner
(pg. 125 - 127) Regal Books


    Father, thank You for Christ's emancipation for all of mankind. May I do my part in letting folks know of it, and to give them Your love in my actions and words.
    I know that Your Kingdom is here, and that I am a part of it in winning souls for Christ. May I remember that Satan's domain is soon to be demolished, and that Jesus will be the Supreme Ruler and King.
    Help me do my part in the defence of righteousness against the forces of evil. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse:  2 Cor. 10:4 "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds."

Today’s quotes:  Dr. Charles F. Stanley: "Conviction about God's truth is like an anchor. When the winds of opinion blow and the waves of temptation pound us, we can know with certainty the right way to respond. Don't vacillate in your obedience to the Lord. Your unwavering stand for what's right can powerfully influence others."
(Used by permission - Taken from p. 54 of In Touch, a publication of In Touch ministries, February 2014)

- S. D. Gordon - "Prayer needs three organs of the head, and ear, a tongue and an eye. First an ear to hear what God says, then a tongue to speak, then an eye to look out for the result. Bible study is the listening side of prayer. The purpose of God comes in through the ear, passes through the heart taking on the tinge of your personality, and goes out at the tongue as prayer.

It is pathetic what a time God has getting a hearing down here. He is ever speaking but even where there may be some inclination to hear, the sounds of earth are choking in our ears the sound of His voice. God speaks in His Word. The most we know of God comes to us here. This book is God in print." (Taken from Quiet Talks on Prayer by Gordon, p. 105).

Some thoughts today: Have you noticed that wind blows strongest at the tops of trees? When we reach out to God for empowerment, He will give us more of His Spirit, and He will blow on us to bring the awakening we desire for our church. (Gen. 2:7 to see where our breath comes from).

- Step through the silence and listen to God's Voice, the wind of the Spirit. Prepare yourself to hear and to follow the Holy Spirit's leading.

- Only you can do what God needs done where you live. He is sending higher level of revelation to His people who desire more of Him.

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particularly in certain American church circles. One of the denominations..."   (save to check in sometime)

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