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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Walking Through Dark Valleys

Dr. Charles F. Stanley shares with 
us today about walking through dark 
   "As a teenager, Joseph lost almost 

   His family, his position as the 
favored son, his home, and his freedom were abruptly taken from him. 
(Google image).

   How stunned he must have been by the hatred of his 
siblings and 
such over-whelming loss.

   But one thing he did take with him was his faith in God.

   Life is like that at times for 
every one of us.

   Sudden changes in health or 
finances, the unexpected death of a loved one, or abandonment by a good friend can bring us into a dark season.

   We do not understand why the Lord has allowed the trial or lets the pain continue. Joseph probably wondered the same things, but he managed to hold fast to his faith.

   Even as a slave in a foreign land, he experienced the blessing of God's presence. And recognizing that the Lord was with this young captive, his Egyptian master showed him favor 
(Gen. 39:2-3).

   One of the keys to walking through dark valleys those times when life seems to be crumbling and the future's looking grimis to embrace the reality of the Lord's presence with us.

   At the moment of salvation, the Holy Spirit comes to live permanently within the new Christian and seals him or her as belonging to God forever.

Google image

   Because of the indwelling Spirit, we're never apart from God.

   No circumstance, suffering, or loss 
can separate us from Him or his love 
(Rom. 8:35, 38-39).

   Take a few minutes each 
day and 

reflect on Jesus' promise to be with us always (Matt. 28:20).

   The result will be that this 
truth becomes planted deep within 

your soul to sustain you in hard times."

InTouch magazine, August '14 Page 50 of Daily devotions 

from the sermons of Charles F. Stanley

Used by permission 

(Google images added)

When I Go to Heaven

"When I go to heaven
When this body is no more
I'll meet my loving savior
He'll greet me at the door.

He'll put his arms around me
He'll look me in the eye
He'll tell me that He loves me
And I will start to cry.

What did I do to earn this?
Why do you love me so?
You know that I'm not perfect
But You've never let me go.

My child, it's cuz you know me
Your faith was always there
You never gave up trying
You never ceased to care.

But Lord I did have dark times
I almost did give up
 It was so hard at times Lord
At times it was so rough.

I know it wasn't easy
It's not supposed to be
I had to mold you into
The child that I now see.

So welcome home my daughter
Come here greet everyone
Come share in all the laughter
Come join in all the song.

Your trials are far behind you
You've earned a heavenly seat
Your tears are turned to laughter
Your joy is now complete."

Debbie McEwen

(Jean added color to Christ's 
answers, with permission).

Post-Cancer Nutrition Changes

By JillSavage on Jul 21, 2014 

"When I met with my oncologist after my last treatment he told me that I now have three jobs:

1) Exercise Regularly
2) Eat Right
3) Keep my weight down

   As he explained, lifestyle changes can make a difference in “turning on” the cancer cells in our body. There’s nothing we can do that will 100% remove the cancer risk, but there are things we can do to lower the risk as much as possible.

   So I’m changing the way I’m shopping, how we’re eating, and my exercise plan. I’m determined to do what I can do to stay cancer-free..."

(I hope you'll check out Jill's message, and forward it to anyone who's standing against cancer from recurring.)

Let’s pray:

   Father, may we remember Your call 
today: be quick to come to You with whatever we're dealing with.
   Help us remember folks like Joseph 
who kept his faith through every hurtful circumstance.
   When life seems to be crumbling and the future's looking grim—help me to embrace the reality of Your presence with me.
   I ask for grace to look to You, no matter what. 
 In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: 

(1 Kings 8:48 a) "And so return unto thee with all their heart, and with all their soul, in the land of their enemies, which led them away captive."

Today’s quote: 

Cindy Sproles – “God never fully releases us from His grip until there is absolute denial. And if we’ve known Him and called out, the Father dunks us in His grace and mercy and washes all the stains away . . . again. He is a God of second chances. The man who stands tall in pride sinks to his knees in humility when his time approaches.”

Some thoughts today: 

- The error of all religions: DO what is necessary to live good enough to please God. God was in Christ Jesus, and He was the one Who did what was necessary to please the Father!

- We're to live for Christ, and to walk a life that's honoring Him. He wants to be involved with everything that concerns you. Even in a tragedy, He will offer His comfort to you.

- Wherever you are, and in whatever situation you find yourself in, Jesus will be faithful to help you walk through it with the right attitude and spirit that honors Him.

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