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Sunday, July 19, 2015

With all the Heart

Lee Forbes shares with us:

With all the heart
And all the soul
My God will make
His children whole

If they will but

On bended knee
Abandon self
That He might see

The heart of those
Who claim His name
Do not the things
Of earth the same

As people who
Know not our God
Or how He lived
And walked this sod

For knowing God
As we might do
And all the pain
That He went through

Should change the hearts
Of sinful men
To want to be
The more like Him

But have we truly
Shown the way
By how we follow
Him each day

The path that Christ
Would lead us in
That draws the soul
Away from sin

Where truth is shown
As righteousness
That leads to God
And blessedness

As by His stripes
Our soul is healed
And by His blood
Our fate is sealed

If we exemplify
His love
Through every soul
We lead above

The way that Christ
Did come to do
And longs to live
In me and you

So let your heart
Be not ashamed
To hold aloft
In Jesus's name

A character
Just like His own
Prepared by God
As He is known

A God of love
And mercy long
But soon will clean
The world of wrong

And let us with
Great urgency
Present God's Word
That all might see

That only those
Who have no sin
When Christ returns
To rescue them

Will spend eternity
With God
In earth made new
On holy sod

With All the Heart 

Inspiration taken from Isaiah 48:6 & Revelation 21:5

Our hearts cry out to You, Lord

There is so much hurting and pain

We are lost without You

There is so much sickness of our Hearts and bodies

So much loss
So much sorrow and need
Only You can make us whole
Only You can solve the problems
Only You can heal the hurts, can resolve the issues that Separate us
We turn to You in our time of need and humbly ask for Your divine intervention
We cannot do it alone
Our tears flow
Our hearts break
Our tongues cry out to You in our times of desolation
In our time of despair
We need You so badly
Please rescue us or we are lost
We cry out and know You are there
You are with us Loving Father
You always come
You always answer
You always help in our time of great need
You are with us always
You dry our eyes
You comfort us
You lift us up and carry us when we cannot walk alone
You whisper solutions to us with Your still small voice
You always listen
Always care
Always provide
When the times are the worst, You are there
You never leave us alone
You never leave Your children
We matter to You
And You always take care of us
Blessed be Your holy name

Our Hearts Cry Out to You, Lord
by Debbie McEwen

Today's quote: Mary Southerland - "We can change our lives by changing how we think. We can dictate the attitudes of our heart by fixing our thoughts on God and His truth. What does it mean to “fix” our thoughts? Webster’s Dictionary defines “fixed” as “rigid, solid or firm.” We must learn to fix our thoughts on the truth of God’s word. We need to be rigid in controlling our thought processes, holding firm to God’s standard for the mind. The result will be a stable way of thinking and living. To prevent pride requires a choice to take charge of the mind." (Taken from her post,  Nailing Our Ego to the Cross Mary Southerland July 1, 2015 

Today's Bible verse: Ps. 131:2 "Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother; my soul is even as a weaned child."

     19th-24th  ~Writer's Conference in Montrose, PA. 

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