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Thursday, August 13, 2015

#86 Do Spirits Really Have Names?

C. Peter Wagner: "What do we say when we hear that Christian leaders feel they have 
actually identified territorial spirits by name?

What goes through our minds when we hear of Rudra or Iara or the spirit of greed or the spirit of violence? It may seem strange to us until we recall that some of them are named just a specifically in the Bible.

Jesus Himself asked for and learned the name of a very powerful spirit called Legion (see Luke 8:30). Some say that was only a numerical description, but whatever it was it came as a direct answer to Jesus' question: "What is your name?"

Diana (Artemis) of the Ephesians is specifically named (see Acts 19:23-41). In Philippi, a slave girl had been demonized with a spirit of divination, the Greek a "python spirit" (see Acts 16:16).

Of course, we know the name of the chief evil spirit of all, Satan. Beelzebub (see Luke 11:15), the "lord of the flies," is so high ranking that some equate him with the devil.

In Revelation we read of names such as Death (Rev. 6:8), Hades (Rev. 6:8), Wormwood (Rev. 8:11), Adaddon or Apollyon (Rev. 9:11), the harlot (Rev. 17:1), the beast (Rev. 13:1), the false prophet (Rev. 19:20) and others.

In the Old Testament, names of spirits such as Baal (2 Kings 21:3), Astoreth (1 Kings 11:5 )and Milcom (1 kings 11:5) are common enough. Some of them have spiritual relatives, so to speak, such as Baal Gad, lord of good fortune (Josh. 11:17), Baal-Berith, lord of the covenant (Judg. 8:33) or Baalath Beer, mistress of the well (Josh. 19:8).

Apart from the Bible, other names of spirits have become known. How accurate they are is anyone's guess, but those who have some expertise in the fields of demonology and angelology seem to have a certain level of consensus on certain names.

For example, in the apocryphal book of Tobit, the spirit Asmodeus is prominent and is referred to as the "worst of demons" (Tobit 3:8).

[Wagner goes on to give lists of available sources, such as 
Manfred Lurker's Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses, Devils 
and Demons.]

I am not listing these names and sources in order to glorify evil spirits, but to expose them and make them more vulnerable to attack. At this point I simply want to argue that many spirits really do have names.

Not only have they been known throughout history, but anthropologists and missiologists who live among certain people groups of the world today discover that principalities and powers are currently known by name.

(Google image and emphasis added)

Warfare Prayer

#86 Do Spirits Really Have Names?
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 145-147) Regal Books

  Father, when I see that missionaries who live
among various tribes acknowledge that there are
certain demon spirits controlling the area, I begin
to understand the reality of it.
    I appreciate that Jesus Himself dealt with some
demons, while on earth. It's good to know that the
war against Satan has been won, and we're to claim it today when we come against the evil forces in our own lives, and in our towns.
    I ask for boldness in my witnessing to lost souls, as knowing their fate is sobering! Make me aware of how You want me to speak to folks about the Salvation Jesus has to offer, and how to lead them into His presence. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Amos 3:7 "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servant, the prophets."

Today’s quote: Dr. Charles F. Stanley - "Through the work of 
His Holy Spirit, our heavenly father will give us the ability to stay 
on course. Do not give up. Draw near to the Lord, and allow His 
power to sustain you." (from In Touch, a publication of In Touch
Ministries Aug. 2014, p.47)

Some thoughts today: God uses delegated authorities to accomplish His will for the good of mankind, and to bring glory to His Name. Satan does the same, but for evil intents.

- The real evidence of Christianity is our loving others, and our submitting to the authority figures over us. Honoring God's order of things gives Him honor. 

- This starts with honoring our parents and obeying the various laws for our protection (such as speed limits). The leaders of our churches, state officials, and our country, need our prayer support, that they'll make good decisions, which effect our living.

{I hope you'll check out Mary Baxter's video given on A Divine Revelation of Hell link given to the right. If you want your own copy, you can order one. There are many offered for only $.01 + $3.99 postage!}.

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