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Sunday, August 9, 2015

When God Anointed Men of Old

When God Anointed Men of Old

When God anointed men of old
To gain a treasure not of gold
But share the truths that they were told
hey lived the more like Him 

For they knew not prosperity 
Or earthly things the world might see 
But often lived in poverty 
To reach the least of men 

Like Moses who was nearly king 
With all the great imaginings 
For people who might worship things 
God had to humble him 

For he like us did foolishly 
Presume that He could cunningly 
Preside over a mutiny 
To rescue all of them 

Whom God did set aside to be 
The people of His purity 
That through them all humanity 
Might come to worship Him 

But after forty years was spent 
To lose the knowledge he was lent 
By Satan's worldly government 
He finally met Him 

Who called him eighty years before 
To grant Israel an open door 
To come and learn His truths far more 
Depending all on Him 

As in the wilderness they went 
With bread and water soon far spent 
That God could show what He had meant 
When He directed them 

To walk in full obedience 
Not in their own self confidence 
That they should bare no great offence 
In how they lived for Him 

And then there is the ruler known 
For what he lost that Christ had shown 
An invitation all his own 
To come and follow Him 

For though he thought he'd kept the Law 
In truth he worshiped more the all 
That he possessed than Jesus's call 
To come and follow Him 

So if you're tempted to believe 
That you can here and now receive 
The promised gift that will not leave 
You wandering from Him 

Remember you must willingly 
Prepare to give all you've received 
If that will help you to relieve 
The sufferings of men 

That they might see in you the price 
That God did pay through Jesus Christ 
To turn their hearts to warmth from ice 
And share the Love of Him 

And when Christ comes He'll see in you 
The image of what He did do 
By making you in Him brand new 
To save the souls of men 

Inspiration taken from Luke 18:16-30

Lee Forbes
June 7/15

   Father, may my life be one of testimony to Your
faithfulness and mercy. Help me make a difference
in whatever I attempt for Christ, to honor Him.
   May His image be seen in me, and cause others
to seek to know Him, too. I pray this in Christ's name, that He would receive all the glory for
what ever I accomplish. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 119:27 "Make me to understand the way of thy precepts: so shall I talk of thy wondrous works."

Today’s quote: Jill Savage - "God has given us incredible power 
to influence the lives of others positively or negatively. The Bible says quite a lot about the influence we have particularly with our 
words, “Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body,” (Proverbs 16:24) and “A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit,”(Proverbs 15:4) are just two of the reminders of the power we hold.

Some thoughts today: All have sinned against God. Has someone hurt you? Don't allow the pain to affect what you say or do. Let God work on your behalf, to right the wrong. Let Him judge it.

- Hatred stirs up anger. It's like a cancer inside. Give it all to Jesus. He's able to handle it. Your peace is what's important. Your hating someone doesn't do any good, as it only steals life from you, not them.

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A popular post: Compelled to Tell  Butch Dias shares the following:

"This day I am compelled to tell,
That Jesus died to save us from hell.
He paid the price for my liberty,
To break the chains of sin for me..."

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