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Friday, September 11, 2015

30 Reasons for God-Centered Small Home Groups

Jean Oathout shares with us her findings on the values of church home groups.

  1. It can become an intimate setting for personal growth
  2. Our walk with the Lord will be challenged and strengthened
  3. The leaders are challenged to learn the material beforehand
  4. The meetings give purpose and leadership for lives
  5. We gain a greater understanding of God's Word
  6. There will be times to stretch our faith, thinking and desires
  7. We receive correction, advice and counseling
  8. A closer bond can happen over time with others in the group
  9. We learn to share our own thoughts, and become more open 
  10. We become aware of other's needs, and share ours
  11. We learn to receive others' viewpoints, and learn from them
  12. We find we're not alone in our questions, problems and pains
  13. We learn to love and respect the others in the group
  14. We learn to be faithful in attendance
  15. We learn to be tolerant and supportive of others
  16. We learn to choose our words more carefully
  17. We learn to make and keep commitments
  18. There are testimonies to be shared, bringing encouragements
  19. We learn to pray for one another, and to receive prayer
  20. We learn to be accountable, and what confidentiality is
  21. We learn to love one another
  22. We're drawn closer to God and to each other
  23. It's time with others away from family and home
  24. It tends to broaden our concept of God and His will for us
  25. We learn to love, respect and pray for our leaders
  26. We see life from other folks' perspectives
  27. We're challenged to dig deeper into God's Word
  28. We discover ways to please God
  29. We begin to see our own sin, and how to deal with it
  30. We grow in our understanding of God's grace

   "Father, it's so difficult for us to share our faults with each other, but You call us to wholeness as Your people. Empower us by Your Spirit to live courageously in love and honesty.

Honesty with God about our sins brings forgiveness."
(Our Daily Bread 9/3/15)

Today’s Bible verses: Job 16:5 "But I would strengthen you with my mouth, and the moving of my lips should assuage your grief."

Ps. 17:5 "Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not." 

Today’s quotes: Dr. Larry Crabb"Something is poured out of one and into the other that has power to heal the soul of its deepest wounds and restore it to health...Christians have been given resources that if released could powerfully heal broken hearts, overcome the damage done by abusive backgrounds, encourage the depressed to courageously move forward, stimulate the lonely to reach out...and introduce hope in the lives of countless people who feel rejected, alone, and useless." 

(Taken from Crabb's book, Connecting [Nashville:Thomas Nelson, 1997] p. 12) 

I just ordered one for $.01 + postage of $3.99!

I have it, and I'm impressed!

~ Tim Gustafson - "What if Christians were known not for hiding their sins but for loving and supporting each other with the truth and grace of our God? What if we practiced a risky yet healthy honesty with each other and with the watching world? (As seen in ODB, 9/3/15)

Some thoughts today: My personal thoughts lately have been to consider the following:

  • My attitudes toward challenges
  • What are my priorities? Can I set and keep them?
  • Do I have confidence in God's ability to guide me?
  • Are there new ways for me to "get out of my box"?
  • Do I ask God first when I have a problem, or someone else?
  • Am I taking responsibility for myself, for what I should do?
  • Am I working on my own "people skills"?
  • Have I set reasonable boundaries?

Being in a God-centered small home group will definitely challenge you to grow in your faith-walk. Continuing to go to them is often a challenge, but rewarding, as we'll learn new concepts each time for our consideration.

What about you? Are you working on growing in your life skills? Thinking of the 30 reasons I've given today for attending a small group, I trust you'll find one near you to attend.

Be sure to sign up for a home group real soon!

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