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Thursday, December 3, 2015

#118 The Pitfall of Empty Rhetoric

C. Peter Wagner"One of my concerns is that some will become interested in strategic-level warfare, but do it so unwisely that their excessive praying turns out to be nothing but empty rhetoric. 

Instead of pushing back the forces of darkness, they are only making noise.

Some of the authors in the field of warfare praying share prayers they have used and found effective. These are good prayer, and nothing is wrong with using similar prayers over and over again.

Those from liturgical traditions find that great spiritual power can be released through using prayers written by others.

However, the danger needs to be recognized that some rather immature believers can fall into the trap of using the prayers of others as if they were magical formulas.

If they just say the right words and shout them loud enough, Satan will be defeated. If a prayer works for Dick Bernal or Tom White or Gwen Shaw, it will work for me.

I do not believe that empty rhetoric is one of the worst or most dangerous pitfalls. In most cases nothing happens, because neither God nor the principalities pay much attention to it.

When it is done, everything is much the same as it was before. But the danger comes when the person who prays thinks that something happens in the heavenlies and acts on that assumption.

Declaring victory when there is no victory can have serious consequences. This is what the Argentina military leaders attempted in the Falkland Islands War and as a result they severely traumatized the social psychology of the entire nation.

When many serious, thinking Christians see foolishness disguised as spiritual warfare in churches or on television they reject the whole idea.

This is the point at which Satan can gain a victory through empty rhetoric."

(Google images and my emphasis added)

#118 The Pitfall of Empty Rhetoric
By C. Peter Wagner
(pp. 192, 193)) Regal Books

    Father, may we not take part in "Christian foolishness", as portrayed in some TV programs or churches, but be honestly seeking to pray effectively against the powers of darkness.
    Help us see the danger of the trap some rather immature believers can fall into, of using the prayers of others as if they're magical formulas.
    May we be alert to what You want us to pray, and if we use someone else's prayer, may it become ours for the need at hand.
    I don't want us to become ineffective in our prayers, for sure. I ask for Your guidance in the Name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen.

Pray for your pastor: "Pray that your pastor will be a man of prayer and worship, and that he will lead by example—teaching the congregation how to walk in a close relationship with the Father." (1 Thess. 5:17; Acts 1:14 a; Matt. 4:10; Mark 1:35; Luke 22:46)

Today’s Bible verse: Jer. 38:20 "...Obey, I beseech thee, the voice of the LORD, which I speak unto thee: so it shall be well unto thee, and thy soul shall live."

Today’s quote: Richard Foster - "God becomes a reality when he becomes a necessity." David Roper says, "The dark valleys make God more real to us than ever before. How many times have I heard from those who have endured intense suffering that the experience of their pain has cured them of the idolatries that once robbed them of joy." (Taken from p. 110 in PSALM 23 The Song of a Passionate Heart).

Some thoughts today: Some experiences reveal God's ability to help. The reason we've survived this far, is to accomplish God's purpose.

We need to trust in God's overwhelming love, that He cares for us as individuals. Fear is false evidence. God's Word will settle the debate. We all need the confidence of Christ. Ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to work in your life.

We wouldn't know sin without the Bible. It gives us God's wisdom on any given subject. He asks us to request it from Him. He'll freely give it to us, when we ask Him. 

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It seems this person could never achieve any stability in life or in his walk with the Lord..."

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