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Thursday, December 31, 2015

#4 The Objects of Prevailing Prayer

Wesley L. Duewel: "Prevailing prayer can be intensely personal. You have every right to prevail for your personal desires and needs.

Undoubtedly God plans that most of your prevailing be on behalf of others and for the extension of His kingdom. Yet He expects and welcomes your praying for personal and family needs and situations related to you personally. Scripture is very clear on this point.

Blind Bartimaeus prevailed in prayer for the restoration of his eyesight (Mark 10:46-52). The woman embarrassed and plagued by twelve years of hemorrhaging prevailed for her healing (Luke 8:43). 

The Greek woman from Syrian Phoenicia prevailed, and Jesus cast out the demon from her daughter (Mark 7:26). 

Jacob prevailed with God for the protection of his family (Gen. 32:9-13, 22-30).

More commonly, you prevail in prayer on behalf of others. Abraham prevailed for Lot (Gen. 18:22-33). Moses prevailed for Israel's victory over Amalek (Exod. 17:8-15).

Elijah prevailed when he asked for fire to fall from heaven 
so that Israel would be saved from backsliding (1 Kings 18). 
Isaiah and Hezekiah prevailed for Israel's deliverance from Sennacherib (2 Chron. 32:20). Epaphras prevailed for the church at Colosse (Col. 4:12-13).

We must prevail in prayer for situations where God's will is being thwarted and where Satan is delaying and blocking Christ's cause. We must prevail for lives so ensnared and blinded by sin that they are unable or unwilling to pray for themselves.

We must prevail for revival in the church, for spiritual and numerical growth of the church, and for the worldwide advance of the gospel.

There is physical, financial, and spiritual needs that call for prevailing prayer. Homes are being torn apart by Satan, lives are being destroyed, and churches need God's special answers.

We must prevail for ministries of the church and Christian organizations. We must prevail for moral and spiritual needs of our nation.

The scope of prevailing prayer is as broad as Christ's church and as extensive as God's world. There is nothing within God's will that is outside the purview of prevailing prayer.

Prevailing prayer is intercession intensified—intercession until the answer is received."
Used by permission of the author and Duewel Literature Trust, Inc., Greenwood, Indiana

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#4 The Objects of Prevailing Prayer
by Wesley L. Duewel
(pp. 14-15) Zondervan

Today’s Bible verse: Gal. 4:4, 5 "But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, v5 To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons."

Today’s quote: Bill Crowder - "Long before Christ's birth, it had been determined that He would come to rescue us from our fallenness—which means that we can never fully appreciate the manger unless we see it in the shadow of the cross. Christmas is completely about Christ's love, seen most clearly in His sacrifice for us."

The essential fact of Christianity is that 
God  thought all humanity worth the 
sacrifice of His Son."
William Barclay
ODB 12/26/15

Dave Brannon - "The next time you see snow—in life or in photos—thank God for the forgiveness and the freedom from sin's penalties that this beautiful, natural gift pictures for all who have put their trust in our savior." (Ps. 51:7 "...whiter than snow...).

    Father, "Thank You for forgiving us and for turning our filthiness into the beauty of forgiveness. Help us to display the beauty of our forgiveness to all we encounter.

When Christ forgives us, our hearts are as clean as new-fallen snow."  ODB 12/27/15

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Some thoughts today: Worship is all encompassing. Singing is an expression of worship, but not worshipping by itself.

~ God was generous in giving His Only Son for us to be able to have a way back to Him. His desire is for us to be generous too, in everything we do, which does include our giving. When we love something, we give to it.

~  As God's interested in us, He delights in our worship, and takes pleasure in whatever causes it to take place in our hearts. There are blessings for seekers of His grace, protection and enablement. What do you look to when stressed?

A popular post:  What Hardships do You Need to Go Through? [The Apostle] "Paul is like the 'Eveready Bunny.'He just keeps going and going and going. 

One day Paul is stoned and left for dead in Lystra, and the next day he leaves with Barnabas for the neighboring city of Derbe to preach some more. Am I the only one, or do you find that amazing as well?.." 

The Pocket Devotions of the Pocket Testament League posted 6/15/12

'Tis the season...

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