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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#23 Jesus Still Prevails in Prayer

Wesley L. Duewel: Jesus, on heaven's throne today, is still our High Priest as well as our King. His priesthood is permanent (Heb. 7:24).

He is still the Son of Man. He reigns today and intercedes today as the Son of Man. When He comes again, He will come as the Son of Man.

As Son of Man, where does His priority lie? As enthroned Son of Man, what does Jesus live to do? Does He live to welcome the saints to heaven at their death?

I am sure He welcomes them, but the Bible does not say so. Does He live to grant interviews to saints and angels? He most probably often does this, but the Bible does not say so.

Does He live to enjoy heaven's music? I am sure He thrills to it. He created us to be able to enjoy music along with Him, but there is something more important than listening to music. Does He live to reign? Most certainly He does—and He will reign for ever and ever.

But the Bible emphasizes one role of Jesus today above all others—He is Priest forever (Heb. 5:6; 6:20; 7:17, 21). His priesthood is permanent (7:24because He always lives to intercede (v. 25).

His sovereign throne is a throne of grace, both because of His atonement and because He ever lives to intercede for us. His is a priestly throne (8:1).

Romans 8:34 associates two facts: Christ at the right hand of God, and Christ interceding for us. What does this intercession for us imply?

Many commentators feel that His very presence seated on the throne of heaven is sufficient in itself as a glorious intercession. They doubt that He is actually praying.

They feel that He does not need to make any requests of the Father; His just sitting on the throne is all the request necessary.

But Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8). While on earth, He loved us, yearned for us, and prayed for us (John 17).He prayed for Peter personally (Luke 22:32).

As Son of Man, He is as intensely concerned about and interested in each one of us as He ever was. He is still as sympathetic as He ever was (Heb. 4:15). 

The Greek word used here, sympatheo, means to suffer with. The whole argument of Heb. 4:15-16 is that we are to come to the throne of grace (where Jesus is interceding) with confidence because He does sympathize and suffer with our pain.

He is touched and moved by our need and feels its pain. He feels for us as infinitely as He ever did.

His throne of intercession for us is a throne of feeling intercession, a pained intercession. We sing the hymn, "Does Jesus care when my heart is pained?"

And then we sing the chorus, which resounds our profound conviction, "Oh yes, He cares, I know He cares. His heart is touched with my grief."

I agree with Andrew Murray that every blessing we receive from God, every answer to prayer, bears this divine stamp upon it: "Through Christ's intercession."

Christ is not sitting passively in blissful royal dignity, unmoved, while you intercede. No! Never! You intercede because He intercedes. 

The Holy Spirit conveys to you the heartbeat of Jesus. You feel but the faintest burden of concern as compared with the infinite concern that Jesus feels for you and with you.

Jesus enters into all the struggles and spiritual warfare of the church. The Jesus who felt all the sorrows and pain of Israel in her sin (Isa. 63:9feels all the heartbreak of the world yet today.

He is our eternal High Priest. He is prevailing today on heaven's throne—not only by His presence and because of his wounds at Calvary, but through His continuing holy pleading, His intercession.

Not till Satan is cast into the lake of fire, the warfare with sin is forever over, and the last lost sheep is in the fold will Jesus cease to prevail in intercessory burden for our world.

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Used by permission of the author and Duewel Literature Trust, Inc., Greenwood, Indiana
#23 Jesus Still Prevails in Prayer
by Wesley L. Duewel
(pp. 39-40) Zondervan

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     Father, I appreciate knowing that 

Jesus enters into all the struggles and 
spiritual warfare of the churches.
    Our efforts to obey His leading does
bring Him glory, as our success causes
many to realize that what we proclaim is
really the truth.
    May folks be drawn to You through our
churches in our communities, and by our
individual walk with You.
    Even at times when it seems impossible that You can make
a difference in someone's life, help us lat it all at the foot of the Cross, and trust Your best for them.
    I ask this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Ps. 98:12 "The LORD hath made known his salvation: his righteousness hath he openly shewed in the sight of the heathen."

Today’s quote: "If our failures teach us to turn afresh to Him, and to find in Him the grace He gives to pray as we should, this humiliation may become our greatest blessing. Let us all unite in praying to God that He would visit our souls and fit us for that work of intercession, which is at this moment the greatest need of the church and the world."  (Taken from p. 22 of The Ministry of Intercession by Andrew Murry)

Our thought today: We can see the impact of wind blowing in the trees, and we will see the impact of the Holy Spirit moving in lives, as well; as He breathes on us, making drastic changes that honor God. (see John 15)

Our question today: What am I to do to invite the Holy Spirit to move in my life? 

Answer: Believe Jesus died, rose again, and that His Spirit is present with us today. Get yourself still before the Lord. It will quiet your soul down to where you'll be ready to hear His Voice. Then read Scriptures that reveal what happened when the first believers believed and received the power from on High, that Jesus spoke of before ascending into heaven. Check out the book of Acts...

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