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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Do You Mean What You Say?

There are so few who truly mean
The words they speak today
Who validate through attitude
And works the things they say

Who do not speak what they might think
The others want to hear
But will with honest fortitude
Make their position clear

There are so few who stop to think
What impact will they have
These simple words that I might speak
Along another's path

Might they be harsh and critical
These words I have to speak
And wound the heart and bruise the soul
Of someone that is weak

Or will they bring encouragement
To broken hearted men
Who in their great discouragement
Offend the ones near them

So they will cease to spread the pain
They suffer in their lives
And live instead to comfort
And sustain their hurting wives

Have we the words to share with them
The power in God's plan
To wipe away the sins of earth
And save the souls of man

Through patient loving kindness
Just like Jesus did before
Before the judgement's settled
And God closes heaven's door

Or do we think so much of self
The we would rather see
Our way be given prominence
While others cease to be

Assured they have some value
As they share what's on their soul
And by the time we're finished
They feel broken never whole

Are we by words and actions
Showing what we are inside
A broken weak and hurting child
That's trying hard to hide

Behind some tough exterior
Through words we speak out lout
While of a truth we long for Christ
To save us from the crowd

Who might perceive our weakness
And abuse us in our pain
While we see only uselessness
And never hope of gain

And fear the painful evidence
That we have ought to give
And no  one will regret the day
That we will cease to live

Then stop right there before you take
Another breath and pray
Dear Lord please help me now to stop
And listen as You say

The words that need be spoken
From a soul that has been won
By love and all You suffered
Through the death of Your dear Son

Psalm 33:6; Jeremiah 38:4; 15:16

Lee Forbes  2/3/2016

     Father, when we're speaking with someone, or in a group, make us mindful of what it is we think we should say, whether it would be helpful or not.
     Help us to be slow to speak, as we really don't want to injure anyone by any harsh words. 
     But when we do speak that way, we ask that You cover it with Your Blood, and then make us understand our error (sin), and be quick to repent of it, being determined (with Your help), not to do it again.
     We ask this in the precious name of Jesus, amen.

Today's Bible verse: Ps. 18:6 "In my distress I called upon the LORD, and he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears."

Today’s quote: Linda M. Hill

When the way seems so dark
Guide me Lord, I pray
At times I feel at loose ends
Jesus, show me the way

I want You to be proud of me
I wish to be worthy of You
Jesus, show me a sign
What You want me to do

Is there a lonely soul out there
Who needs a caring friend
Lead me to them, Jesus
Is there a heart I can mend

If there's someone who is lost
Lord, let me hold their hand
Show me the way to the suffering
If this is what You have planned

There is so much pain in the world
I lift my hands to You
Use me for Your glory, Lord
Let me help them through

Guide me in Your will, my Lord
For I know I am Your own
show me where I'm needed most
Before my life is gone...

K. P. Yohannan- "We Must honestly examine our motives and why we say what we say and act the way we act. Many times we cleverly cover up our secret agendas, resentments and offences with a smile and nice words. If we don't deal with such un-Christlike motives, we will not be able to walk in the light with our brothers and sisters, and the love we once had for them will become cold, or worse, turn into hatred."

Our thought today: Ask the Lord to show you what you're to do to serve in your church. Be thoughtful of what you volunteer for, and consider what may not be a good relationship for you. If it is a poor choice, ask for something more in line with your giftings and personality.

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