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Saturday, June 25, 2016

One Invitation at a Time

Debbie McEwenHow did I come to know Christ? How did I start on my walk with Him?

I was asked the other day how I got to the point that I know him so well that whether I live or die, it is for Him.

If I live I get to do His work. If I die, I spend eternity with Him in heaven. I win either way.

How did I get to that point? I don't remember what I answered by I thought about the question and God pointed out that the answer is "by invitation".

God gives everyone, including you and me, invitations to learn about Him. 

It might be a conversation. It might be an article in a book. It might be an actual invitation to visit a church or join a Bible study.

It could even be a thought He planted in our heads and then gave us the opportunity to follow it up and learn. That is the key. If we follow it up, we learn.

Then we start and progress on our walk with Him. Each opportunity or invitation that we accept leads to another.

God does not force Himself on us. He invites, encourages and loves on everyone all the days of our lives. He never stops inviting.

He never stops encouraging each person, even the ones who reject him, to join Him for eternity in paradise.

We only have to accept and follow. If we allow, our hearts will lead us to Him. We were created that way.

God is calling each and every one of His creation, one invitation at a time. Will you accept?"

By Debbie McEwen 

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          A Priceless Legacy

You could have come down from the cross
And spared Yourself great pain
For there was nothing stopping You…
Yet You chose to remain.

You knew that someone had to pay

The price for mankind’s sin.

You knew that if You turned Your back
The enemy would win.

Despite the people’s jeering
And defaming of Your name,
You walked the road to Calvary
Enduring unjust shame.

You let them nail You to the cross
Without a word or sigh
So we could live eternally…
In our place You would die.

The priceless legacy You left
Is filled with love and grace…
You promise that if we believe
We’ll see You face to face.

                                   ©Frances Gregory Pasch
                   Used by permission

Let's pray-

       Father, help us understand that Your desire is for us to get to know You 
through Your Son, Jesus.

   May we find that each opportunity or invitation we accept leads us to another to draw us closer to You.

   Thank You for the many invites You've given over the years to encourage us to come to You, the One who has loved  us all the days of our life.

   As You call each of us one invitation at a time, may we be open to hear Your voice and quick to obey.

   I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.   (save to check in at other times over the Summer months of July and August).

Today’s Bible verse-

(Jer. 32:39 KJV) "And I will give them one heart, and one way, that they may fear me for ever, for the good of them, and of their children after them."

Today’s quote-

"By putting off a decision for Christ, you not only lose the immediate blessings of a deeply personal relationship with God now; you also risk future separation from Him for all eternity. Don't procrastinate! Come to Christ today: Acknowledge your sin, ask His forgiveness, and trust Him as your Savior." ( p.23 of IN TOUCH, Daily Readings for Devoted Living / March 2016 magazine)

Our thought today-

Every single parent has flaws. When they speak, they have the power to hurt or encourage. The truth is, we need God to help us honor our parents. Ex. 20:12 and Eph. 6:2, 3 tell us to honor them, and reminds us of the blessing promised when we do.

Our questions today-

Is it true that dishonoring one's parent(s) tends to cause discontentment? Are folks who honor their parents more likely to have good health? (The likely answers can provoke us to honor ours...)

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