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Thursday, December 15, 2016

#74 The Dynamic of Uniting in Prayer

Dr. Wesley L. Duewel: There is unusual power in united prayer. God has planned for His people to join together in prayer, not only for Christian fellowship, spiritual nurture, and growth, but also for accomplishing His divine purposes and reaching His chosen goals.

In unity there is strength, a principle that is true in all of life, in the family and nation and among the people of God. The principle of Ecclesiastes 4:12 applies in spiritual life and prayer warfare:

(Google image, Friends praying together)

   "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
    A cord of three stands is not quickly broken."

Jesus built upon this truth. He is present with any one of His children wherever they may be—present always, and certainly during prayer. But Jesus is especially present where two or three gather in His name.

Jesus stated this fact as a concluding part of His promise for the power of prayer, specifically for united prayer, for agreement in prayer (Matt. 18:18-20).

The New Testament teaches the importance of the Christian church and community. When we are born of the Spirit, we are born into a family.

God purposed this interrelationship for our spiritual good. We need each other. We specially need each other in prevailing prayer and prayer warfare.

Often we must fight spiritual battles humanly alone. God has adequate power and grace to make us victorious even when we feel very alone.

Many times, however, we need the prayer of our brothers and sisters in Christ. The exhortation "pray for each other" (James 5:16) is important not only for healing but for all of life.

Note that the assurance "the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" is stated in conjunction with praying for each other.

The greatest demonstrations of the power of prayer are usually given in prayer for others and prayer for Christ's kingdom.

God does answer prayer for our own needs, but the primary role of prayer, apart from communion, is intercession. The priority of Jesus is not just communion with His Father but intercession for us and for the world.

From one viewpoint, all prayer of intercession in the will of God is united prayer. So important is united prayer that all intercession in the Spirit is intercession of the Son, The Holy Spirit, and you—a kind of intercessory trinity seeking the glory of the Father.

But above and beyond this basic united prayer, God is pleased to honor in a special way the united intercession of two or more of His children. Most powerful of all is agreement in prayer.

Chrysostom, around A.D. 400, wrote,

    "What we cannot obtain by solitary prayer we may

     by social ... because where our individual strength
     fails, there union and concord are effectual."

Thomas Payne wrote, 

   "While it is true that one man who knows how to pray

    and make intercession in the Spirit has far more power
    with God than a host of half-hearted ones, it is 
    nevertheless a glorious fact that the prayers of a
    sanctified host, when of one heart and soul, become

Used by permission of the author and Duewel Literature Trust, Inc., Greenwood, Indiana   (With Jean's impressions added)

Mighty Prevailing Prayer
#74 The Dynamic of Uniting in Prayer
by Dr. Wesley L. Duewel
(pp. 123, 124) Zondervan

        Father, we understand that there's more power in praying together for the fellowship, spiritual growth and for accomplishing Your divine purposes.
    Thank You that Jesus is constantly with us, especially during the times of prayer, as we need His help, whether praying alone or in a group when prevailing in prayer and warfare for a specific need.
    We pray for the Holy Spirit's enablement to pray effectively and fervently for Christ's sake. It's in His Name we pray. Amen.

Today's Bible verses-

(2 Chron. 11:20 KJV) "O  LORD, There is none like thee, neither is there any God beside thee, according to all that we have heard with our ears."

(Nehemiah 9:20 KJV) "Thou gavest also thy good spirit to instruct them."

(2 Chron. 19:13 KJV) "Be of good courage, and let us behave ourselves valiantly for our people, and for the cities of our God: and let the LORD do that which is good in his sight."

Today's quote-

Oswald Chambers- "The average view of Christianity, that we only need to have faith and we are saved, is a stumbling block. How many of us care anything about being witnesses to Jesus Christ? How many of us are willing to spend every ounce of energy we have, every bit of mental, moral and spiritual life for Jesus Christ? That is the meaning of a worker in God's sense. God has left us on earth, what for? To be saved and sanctified? No, to be at it for him..." (pg, 339 in his book, Devotions for MORNING and EVENING with OSWALD CHAMBERS,  1994 printing).

Today's popular post-

Kathy Cheek: "Several years ago, I was in a women’s Sunday school class during an intense season when we had extremely heavy-duty prayer needs. 

These ladies came to class knowing we would pray for every need because we believed in the power of prayer. 

I remember a Sunday morning..."

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