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Saturday, January 28, 2017

He Promised He Would Come Again

He promised He would come again
To take His children home 
Where sin will never raise its head 
And pilgrims never roam 

(Jesus coming, Google image)

Where truth resides on every tongue
And hearts abide in peace 
And love for God does reign supreme 
As self has been released 

Released by full abandonment
To Jesus and His will 
Who walked upon the raging waves 
And bid the storm be still 

Who saw in the demoniac
A child who longed to be 
Delivered from his painful past 
Embraced in love and free 

Where minds cannot imagine
And our eyes have never seen 
The glories God's prepared for those 
Who've been where Christ has been 

Who've suffered for His righteousness
And would not entertain 
Returning to their sinful past 
In search of worldly gain 

Because they realized the Price
God paid in their behalf 
Was all they had to lean upon 
As right to walk His path 

The path that lead through suffering
But each day in God's light 
And sometimes even death itself 
To win the Saviors fight 

For sometimes God brings victory
By letting people lose 
The battles they have fought the most 
The ones they did not choose 

Because He saw the victory
Would be forever lost 
If they became entangled 
And lost sight of what it cost 

To give them opportunity
To live again with Him 
Who gave us our beginning 
In a world that knew no sin 

And soon will be restored again
In its prosperity 
The home of God's redeemed from sin 
Forever to be free 

So if your life is painful
If the path you walk seems dim 
Trust God has made a special plan 
To keep you close to Him 

And if that means to lay you
In the dust to rest awhile 
He's promised that when you awake 
You'll surely see His smile 

As He in all His glory
Will awaken you to be 
His child to tell the story 
Throughout all eternity 

Of how what you had paid for Him
Was truly worth the cost 
As Christ gave all eternity 
To you upon His cross

Luke 14:26-33; Matthew 5:2-12

Used by permission

He Promised He Would Come Again
      By Lee Forbes

Kneeling man
Let's pray-

   Father, thank You for Your provision through Christ Jesus' death and resurrection, and for His promise of our eternal life, if we choose to submit our lives to Him.
   May we be found faithful to Your calling on our lives, and may others see You do a good work in each of us.
   Guide us through our daily living, with our hurts or great trials, to simply love and trust You all the way to our heavenly home.
   Help us trust that you'll make a special plan to keep us close to Him, so we can be victorious in our faith walk with Jesus.
   It's in His Name we pray. Amen.

Today's Bible verse-

(Luke 21:36) "Be on watch and pray always that you will have the strength to go safely through all those things that will happen and to stand before the Son of Man." 

Today's quotes-

Rich Carmicheal
- "What a Savior! We can trust him fully! He is all-sufficient and will be faithful to us as we entrust ourselves and our situations to Him. There is no limit to His power, no limit to His love for us and no limit to His resources. Is not such a glorious, loving savior worthy of our complete confidence and trust!"
(Taken from 'Our Response to Christ", p. 2, December 2016 Herald of His Coming magazine).

Charles H. Spurgeon- "Christ in us is Christ Reigning. Christ in you is a right royal word. Christ swaying His scepter from the center of your being, over every power and faculty, desire and resolve, bringing every thought into captivity to Himself, oh, this is glory begun, and the sure pledge of heaven. Oh for more of the imperial sovereignty of Jesus! It is our liberty to be absolutely under His sway."  (Taken from "Christ In You", p. 3, December 2016 Herald of His Coming magazine).

Today's spotlight sermons:

January 22, 2017 CFC Sermons:

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Speaker: Jamie Sinclair
Series: Teach Us to Pray
Location: CFC Canton

Prayer With Confidence
ker: Daniel Paladin
Series: Teach Us to Pray
Location CFC Potsdam

Speaker: Rick Sinclair
Series: Teach Us to Pray
Location: CFC Madrid

CFC SERMONS  You can check out the many sermons to select the ones of interest to you. Click speakers to choose a minister's name, and his list of sermons for you to choose from. 

CFC Potsdam church has a live service at 10 am Sunday's for shut-ins. If for some reason you can't make it to the church you usually attend, click on the above link, and still get fed!

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