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Thursday, April 6, 2017

#104 In the Path of Prayer

Dr. Wesley L. Duewel: Watch your motive. Remember, the motive in your fasting is all-important. Remember what fasting is not:

   1. It is not a way to earn God's blessing and God's answer to your prayer. You are never worthy of His help and blessing. You implore his love and mercy. You do not earn any aspect of His grace. (Google image, praying together

   2. It is not a way to bypass obedience. Prayer and fasting do not change your need to be obedient to God and His clearly revealed will. God will not hear your prayer, even if you add fasting, if you are out of His will in some regard. Take the steps of obedience, and then begin to fast and pray.

   3. It is not an automatic way to miracle. Fasting is not some spiritualized form of magic. It does not work by itself. Fasting may do you physical good quite apart from your spiritual condition, but fasting is not some secret of power available to just anyone.

   Fasting has power only as it is added to your humbly seeking God's face. The more closely you are walking with God, the greater can be the spiritual values from your fasting.

   You may not be able to stop all of your other activities while you fast for twelve hours or for a day. But if your soul is constantly crying to God as you go about your work, if every moment you are reaching out to Him as you fulfill your responsibilities, then whatever fasting you can do adds tremendous power to your seeking God's answer.

   4. It does not accumulate power to your credit, so that you can display it at will. You do not use the Holy Spirit—He uses you. The moment you parade your power, it is gone. The moment you flaunt your fasting, it does you no good, a warning that Jesus made very clear. If you want God's reward for your prayer, fasting, and good works, keep them as hidden as possible.

   Jesus took it for granted that you would do all three, so He does not say, "Pray," but "when you pray." He does not say, "Fast," but "when you fast" (Matt. 6:2, 5, 16).

   Jesus tells you to let your fasting, as far as possible, be known only to God, and He will reward you (v. 18).

Used by permission of the author and Duewel Literature Trust, Inc., Greenwood, Indiana (With Jean's impressions added)

Mighty Prevailing Prayer
#104 In the Path of Prayer
by Dr. Wesley L. Duewel

(pp. 185 -186) Zondervan

Woman praying


   Father, may we remember that our motive in our fasting is very important, and not to be taken lightly.
   There are things to remember while fasting and praying: It is not a way to earn God's blessing and answers to our prayers; we must not even try to bypass obedience, but do what He's instructed us; it is not an automatic way to see miracles happen; and it doesn't accumulate power to our credit, so we can display it.
   We would to well to keep our praying, fasting and good works hidden, as much as possible, as God sees in secret and will reward openly in His way and time.
   It is my personal prayer, Father, that my own praying and fasting pleases You, and that it's done for Your glory, not mine.
   I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Today's Bible verses-

(Ps. 16:7-9. 11 MSG) "I will bless the Lord, Who has given me counsel; yes, my heart instructs me in the night seasons. (v. 8) I have set the Lord continually before; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. (v.11) You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy , at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore. (Acts 2:25-28,31.)

Today's quotes-

Peter Chin- "The God who has revealed Himself to us is our source of strength, wisdom, joy, understanding, and peace (Ps. 119:28, 98, 111, 144, 165). As we steep our souls in the words that point us to Him, the work of God's Spirit will be evident in our lives." 

God's Spirit lives in His people, 
in order to work through them."

(ODB 3/28/17) 

Keila Ochoa- "When our lives reflect the reality of God's love, we leave a lasting legacy for others." (ODB 3/15/17)

Today's popular post-

C. Peter Wagner tells us "What is
Carlos Annacondia doing that 
other urban crusade evangelists 
do not usually do?
  Edgardo Silvoso says that 
Annacondia and the other prominent Argentine evangelists- 

incorporate into their evangelistic work a new emphasis
on spiritual warfare—the challenging of the principalities
and powers, and the proclamation of the gospel not only
to the people but to the spiritual jailers who held the
people captive."

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