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Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Peak Experience

Sarah Rollandini- I peered out the window of the fire tower perched atop Harney Peak, the highest point in South Dakota's Black Hill.

   After our three-hour hike to the summit, my husband and our three kids rock-hopped along the peak's craggy knolls while I escaped to solitude in the misty cool of the stone fortress. (Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

 From my vantage point at over seven thousand feet, I marveled at the miles of mountainous ridges dotted with pine, aspen, and oak.

   Clouds rolled over the hills, casting shadows that animated the formidable landscape. God had surely crafted this panorama, I mused, to remind us of His immense love for us and His dominion over all the earth. 

   Suddenly, I heard a thin voice lift a familiar song of praise from the landing above. I glanced up to spot a spry seventy-year-old woman descending the metal stairway with the help of a walking stick. 

   My heart thrilled at the opportunity to share this sacred moment, and I raised my voice to join hers. We sang together until the woman reached the ground floor, where our duet turned into words of gratitude for the creator of the universe who arranged for this mountaintop meeting of two sisters in Christ. 

   My joy burbled over as we hugged goodbye and I watched my new friend hike down the mountain. I smiled at God’s little nudge. While I had withdrawn to admire His handiwork, He had sent me a companion to deepen my faith and magnify His praise.

   How often we pull away to seek God when our Father’s loving heart points us instead toward meaningful connection with others. While there is a time for searching and separateness, Christ’s words remind us He is uniquely present in Christian community. 

   Have you found a place where you can gather in Jesus’ name with two, three, or hundreds? If so, thank the Lord for His provision and make a commitment to gather regularly with His people. 

   God will bless your efforts to grow with others as He increases your faith in Him. If you haven’t found a community of believers, look now.

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.""Matthew 18:20 NIV)

A Peak Experience by Sarah Rollandini

Mar 12, 2017

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)
(For more devotions, visit Christian Devotions.)

Sarah Rollandini is an aspiring author and an American Sign Language teacher at a public high school, working to shine the light of Christ in all of the dark places. 
   On any given day, you might find her walking her two rescue mutts, forcing her family into a board game challenge, or plumbing the profound insights found in Dove dark chocolate wrappers. 
   Her greatest hope is to be an encourager of others who find themselves going toe to toe with God in their suffering. Sarah lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan, with her husband and their three children.

          The Right to Heaven

    Free to breathe the breath of God
        Free from our sin at last
    Free to walk where angels trod
       All sin and sinners past

    Free to have communion sweet
With God our Lord and King
Free because when He had asked
We gave Him everything

All worries and all deep concerns
Of which we could not change
Though in our human selfish hearts
We thought it hard and strange

For while we lived to serve ourselves
We found it hard to leave
Our feelings as our guide in life
In what we should believe

For sin had made it natural
To doubt the grace of God
And even more to doubt the path
That He would have us trod

So in our own self righteousness
We lived a life of sin
Because we would not let the Light
And love of God within

Within the precincts of our hearts
The root within our souls
Presumptuously as broken men
When God would make us whole

But oh how God is patient
As He let us live our way
And though we had no right to ask
He blessed us day by day

With all the things we needed
Out of love that we might see
The love that we did not deserve
That paid that Price for me

The Price of God's own righteousness
Lived through the Son of God
Available to all who live
And walk the path He trod

The path of self denial
With our eye set firm on Him
Who will not fail to make us one
In heart with all of them

Who've chosen to reflect the One
Who died that we might live
Who left His throne of righteousness
And came that He might give

Each one of us a perfect right
To walk where angels trod
Because through selfless service
We reflect the love of God

That He by grace has placed in us
Not by our own accord
But by His own self righteousness
That we could not afford

And once He placed His purity
Of white upon our soul
And took away our brokenness
To make us purely whole

The old ways that we lived before
No longer made us stray
For in the love we found in Him
We also found the Way

To live in true obedience
Not giving in to sin
But living by the grace of God
To light the Way for men

Who likewise came to realize
They too could never be
A patron of God's home above
In their iniquity

But only by abandoning
Our all to be like God
Will we breathe heaven's atmosphere
And walk where angels trod 

(Romans 8:1-14)

The Right to Heaven
Lee Forbes
February 17/2017 

Today's question-

   Are you aware that God's voice you hear sometimes, is not only one of correction but a voice of protection, keeping you from danger or wrong choices?

   "Pain however does get our attention. And sometimes God allows it. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Friends, God doesn’t speak to hear His own voice.  No, He lovingly will use whatever it takes to protect us from our own undoing." 

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His purpose I don't want to miss 
Nor His displeasure bear. 

It's time to teach some women now 
To love their husbands true. 
An older woman now I bow, 
And wisdom pass to you." 

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  1. I really enjoyed "a Peak Experience". It is inspiring to realize that God always points us in the direction He wants us to go, we only have to be open to His direction and love. Debbie