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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Something's Wrong

Jolene Philo- "The morning after our son, Allen, was born, the doctor sat down in a chair near the foot of my bed and said, "Something's wrong."

   Our son, so perfect on the outside, had a life-threatening birth defect and needed to be flown to a hospital 700 miles away for immediate surgery. (Google image, Talking with doctor)
   When the doctor tells you something is wrong with your child, your life changes. Fear of what lies ahead can crush your spirit and you stumble along, desperate for a God who will strengthen you so you can support your child.

   Would a loving God allow this? you wonder. Does He care about my child? Is He there? These and other thoughts shook my faith that morning.

   Then my husband, Hiram, arrived and heard the news. After the doctor left, Hiram said, "Jolene, let's pray." I nodded and he took my hand. 

       "Thank You, Father, for giving Allen to us. He's Yours, God, 
     not ours. You loved him before we knew him, and he belongs 
     to You. Be with him when we can't. Amen."

   Hiram has always been a man of few words. He struggles to speak his thoughts and often doesn't try, knowing that I have enough words to fill any silence. 

   But on a day when my heart was broken, my spirit crushed, and my faith gone, God gave Hiram strength to speak the words I couldn't say. And clinging to my husband's hand, in deep silence and through many tears, I sensed that God was very near."

This kind of friend is a praying friend.
(ODB 3/18/17)

Today's Bible verses-

(Ps. 34:17,18 KJV)"The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. (v.18)The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

(Revelation 3:16, NIV) "So, because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

Today's quote:

~ Arlene Pellicane- "Just like drinking lukewarm water is terribly unpleasant, so is being a lukewarm believer.  This is a picture of apathy, indifference, or compromise.  Being spiritually lukewarm is like being hot enough to make it to church most Sundays but cold enough to play down Christianity when it’s not convenient or profitable to you. 
   When you try to serve both God and world, you end up being rejected by both.  The hot Christian is zealous for God, wanting to have an on-fire love for Him.  This person is blessed.  But why would God prefer someone to be cold than lukewarm as it says in (Rev. 3:15) “I wish you were either one or the other”? 
   If someone is cold towards Christ, he or she may hit rock bottom and discover the need for Jesus.  When we are away from God, that emptiness can drive us back to Him.  But when we have just enough of Jesus to think everything is okay, yet we’re embracing much of the world, we are growing lukewarm and that’s a dangerous place to be.    
   You know Jesus has paid the highest price for us.  We don’t want to give Him a lukewarm life.  May we burn brightly for Him, constantly stoking the fire of our faith to guard ourselves against lukewarm living.

Arlene's prayer:   Dear Lord, forgive me for being neither hot or cold sometimes. I want to be completely devoted to You. Give me 
an undivided heart that I may fear Your Name. In Jesus’ Name, 

Arlene Pellicane- Feeling a little lukewarm in your marriage? Reignite passion for your precious role as wife in Arlene’s book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife.

~ Mark Savage Want to become a better listener? Here are three ways:
  • Stop, Look, and Listen. Get in the habit of stopping what you’re doing when your spouse (or child) says something to you. Then look him/her in the eyes and listen with your ears and your eyes.
  • Respond, Don’t React. Just this week, try to slow your conversations down to respond lovingly instead of reacting impatiently.
  • Repeat back to your spouse what he or she said to you. You don’t have to agree with them, just respond with “What I hear you saying is…” This assures them that you really did hear what they said.

Today's questions:

   Jesus had a high value of Scripture, (Matt. 4:10) [He was rebuking Satan]. Do you and I value it too? Do we value Scripture superior to all else? 

   We should, as it's all important to our faith walk.

Today's special link-

By Jane Ault
   "In most of my blog posts I  focus on emotional or spiritual health, and I often talk about ways that these are connected.  In my everyday life, I try to maintain a healthy balance–paying attention to spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, physical  health..."

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Jean OathoutSo many are stressed out, asking where they can go for the help they need when sickness and other troubles strike.

The following message is to encourage you to consider the True Source of healing...

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Because I had a stubborn will
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I was to learn if I'd be still
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