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A Happening By Chance  

Dutch Sheets and his wife, Ceci, were on the last day of their three-day vacation in a tourist hot spot. He had been watching boats pull individuals from off the beach, up into the air and across the beautiful waters..."

Kathy Bellows tells us, “I want my old life back,' I cried to God. 'I am living other people’s lives. I want to live my life again.' I was struggling with the loss of my husband and my role as a wife..."

by  James H. Cagle  

"Sickness came suddenly into my life:
As I was introduced to cancer.
I waltzed away from the familiar,
A forced and unwilling dancer..."

Jean Oathout continues with 7 
more ways of God speaking to us.

"Hopefully, we're learning different ways that God does speak..."

Creator of Heaven and Earth, and the hero of our hearts, Jesus Christ. Oh, how He loves us! Come quickly, Lord Jesus! The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’

by Hope Flinchbaugh Lift the Cross of Jesus! 

Shaunti Fieldhahn shares with us, "Whether or not you’re married, or dating (or want to be dating!), or the mother of a son, here’s some simple surprises I’ve found over the years that will make a big difference once you know them..."

 God's Take on Marriage 

Germain Copeland shares with us, "The marriage covenant is sacred; it is to be a reflection of Christ and the Church..." 

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