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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lord I Want to Know You More

"Lord I want to know you more, than just a figment of the mind,
I want
 to know you in a way, that I will let Your light shine.
I hear others talk about the intimacy they have with You.
I want to get to know You like they say they do.

know the longing I have for You, way down inside of me,
I want that joy, that overflow, that makes me feel free.
I know I'm Yours and You are mine, for You forgave my sins,
I know You did that for me Lord, for I remember when.

You've been my Lord for many years, and I love You so much,
I yearn to get so near to You that I can feel Your touch.
I've had days and weeks to pass on by I didn't feel You near.
I learned a long time ago to trust You without fear.

Feelings can be deceiving - they will carry you up and down,
but faith is still believing even if you frown.
With faith we can do anything that we believe Him for,
So trust Him with your need and watch your faith soar.

He is a God of miracles, just look all around and see,
He made the world we're living in, even you and me.
When troubles come and times are hard, just cast them at His feet,
There is nothing too hard for Him that He can't possibly meet.

Don't pout and doubt, and leave God out, or get all riled up,
remember that our Savior was willing to drink the bitter cup.
He did it all for you and me because He loved us so,
I want to please this Lord of mine, and to heaven I want to go.

Now let me just say this, in case you have never ever heard,
Jesus Christ died according to His own Word.
He paid a great price to redeem and save you from sin,
You have the best and easiest part, by letting the Savior come in.

Today's Story on GodVine 2/17/13 

Let’s pray: 

   Father, my desire is to be drawn closer in fellowship
with You. I ask for Your love to become more real to me.
Lead me in my search of knowledge of You, so I can better
understand what Your love is. In Jesus' name, amen.

Our Scripture: 

(Psalm 8:1, 2 (NIV) "O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your 
name in all the earth! You  have set your glory above the 
heavens. From the lips of children and infants you  have 
ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe 
and the avenger."

Today’s quote: 

David McCasland – "As you live each day, ask God to help you
accompany your words and actions. When we allow God to show
Himself through us, it's a powerful demonstration of His grace
and love." 

Our thought for today: 

We're to do things in an excellent way! God wants us to obey Him! 
(Joyce Meyers)

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