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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Special Kind of Seeing

Richard Bastille shares with us, "Men speak of seeing through an issue, and mean by the term that they perceive the holes in logic, or truth in the array of facts that are presented, or even that they perceive the selfish motivations that have prompted a speaker.

The fabric of the thing that faces them is shabby, or torn, or badly put together, and men see through it by perceiving its inadequacies.

But there is a special kind of seeing through, and it has nothing to do with the inadequacy of the thing seen through.

This second kind of seeing through is almost like having x-ray vision.

   It can even see through lead.

   This vision has nothing to do with our own super-power, or with our level of intelligence.

   This kind of vision is literally a gift, a gift from God, available to anyone who desires it.

    It is the gift of seeing through or beyond any and all phenomena to the God Who is behind and infinitely above those phenomena.

    But it is more: it not only sees God, but, seeing, trusting him, whatever the future holds.

   This seeing and trusting is called Faith, and acknowledges thatwhatever the present so very visible around us holdsGod holds it in complete control.

   Not only that, because we know that God is a loving God ("for God so loved the world"), we further know all the things around us, however bad in themselves, are allowed for a good purpose (which we may not understand), and therefore we may trust this loving God through all the struggles that we must endures. 

   So much for faith.

   But there is another form of faith, another form of 'seeing through', and this has a time element.

   This further form is hope.

   It is not the same as wishing.

   Hope is faith in the future tense.

   Hope is trusting God for the future, with confidence that that futurefor 
us who trust himwill be good, will be worth whatever struggle or even hell we must face here.
   That hope also trusts that God will preserve us to that future, even if our physical death must intervene.

  When we get to that promised future, we will turn back to gaze at all or previous existence, however horrendous and say, to ourselves and those around us, 'Worth it all; worth it all!" 

   Hope is the gristle in our backbones that preserves our commitment to the One Who cannot fail.

   Hope sees through, and will see us through."

A Special Kind of Seeing by Richard Bastille

Dick is the husband of Sharon Bastille. They've purchased a large house in Norwood, and plan to open it as a B & B sometime soon.

Prayer: Father, I would like to experience this special kind of seeing. So many times I've needed to have the faith to believe for something that was stressful, and it would be so encouraging to be able to see what You see. Please help me believe what You empress on my mind and heart, so I'll abound in hope. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Our Scripture for today: Rom. 15:13 "Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost."

Today’s quote: Steve Buza – “The Lord’s Body is still local, and God is raising up no-bodies, and giving them giftings. He will strip us to the bone, as sin must go! Hear Him clearly and get in the ranks for the kingdom. He will use us with His ability in this age of harvesting.”

Our thought for today: God is looking for those whose hearts are after Him and what He chooses.

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