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Thursday, May 1, 2014

#80 Recruiting I-1 Intercessors

C. Peter Wagner shares with us again from his book, PRAYER SHIELD:

"If it takes more care to recruit I-2 intercessors than I-3s, the greatest care needs to be exercised with I-1 intercessors.

In this category I agree with Paul Walker that God Himself must be the one who initiates the contact.

I think that the the only advisable procedure for us who are pastors and leaders is to go directly to God and ask Him for them, starting and stopping with point one of the Jacobs Formula.  #75 Recruiting I-2 Intercessors

I have already related the incredible story of how God used Satan's 
plot to kill me in my garage to bond us with Cathy Schaller as our 
first I-1 intercessor. #66  I-1 Intercession.

An equally supernatural event brought us together with our current I-1 intercessor, Alice Smith.

Doris and I were in Seoul, Korea, in the summer of 1990, participating in Paul Yonggi Cho's annual Church Growth International conference.

I am on Cho's board and I teach in his conference almost every year. 

That year we made a mistake that we have not repeated, deciding to hold the plenary teaching sessions in the Yoido Full Gospel church sanctuary instead of in one of the smaller chapels.

The Sanctuary seats 25,000, and as only 3,000 were attendance at the conference, the most prominent thing we saw from the platform was empty seats."

{Be sure to check out next Tuesday's post, to find out what Peter learned there!}

#80  Recruiting I-1 Intercessors, in the 
series taken from C. Peter Wagner’s book, 
PRAYER SHIELDHow to intercede for 
pastors, Christian leaders and others 
on the spiritual frontlines. (pgs. 151-152) 
by Regal Books

PRAYER SHIELD  ChristianBooks - 
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Let’s pray:

   Father, we understand now, that  the only advisable procedure for securing the I-1 intercessors for those who are pastors and leaders, is for them to go directly to God and ask Him to provide them.

  Help my pastor(s) do exactly that, as they'll need the intercessors who are fully committed to them. 

  We are confident that God knows who their supporters in prayer are, and will reveal them, when asked.

   Help me to be more faithful in praying for my leaders, that they'll have the close prayer support they need.

   I ask this in Jesus' Name, amen.

Pray for your pastor: “Pray that God will build a hedge of protection around your pastor’s marriage, and that he and his wife will be aware of the potential for any improper relationships. Pray that their family time will be protected.” Ezek. 22:30a; 2 Cor. 10:4-5; Matt. 19:6

Today’s Bible verse: 2  Chron. 14:11a "...LORD, it is nothing with thee to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power: Help us, O LORD our God; for we rest on thee.."

Today’s quote: George Muller - "Many believers have never experienced the joy and the fulfillment that come as a result of giving to the Lord's work in tithes and offerings. They have never known the satisfaction of honoring God through their giving. As a result, they have also never known the blessings that can come upon every area of their lives as a result of that obedience."

Some thoughts today: If God says we can do something, we can do it! We're the little bit that helps something big.

- When God gives us a "word" for someone, we need to examine it and see if it lines up with Scripture. If it does, we are not to try to interpret it, but simply share it in love. If it isn't given in love, we most likely will not be blessed in giving it, and neither will they.

- Jesus came with a serving and sacrificial attitude. May we do the same, as we find ways for service and sacrifice for the Kingdom.

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