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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#87 Close Relationship to God

C. Peter Wagner shares 
again from his book, PRAYER 
SHIELD: I like the way my 
friend Evelyn Christenson 
describes her prayer time.

She says it is no longer a "grocery 
list" of a few minutes of praise 
and intercession as it used to be.

"I've learned that my closet prayer 

time involves so much of His 
replenishing my emotional needs
—with God and I exchanging our mutual love.

There's much more listening on my part than before."

Evelyn speaks for many intercessors when she says, "My average day starts at 4:30 a.m. and I spend several hours alone with the Lord almost every day."

Her last resort, "thread-bare" time is two hours.

All Christians have a desire to be close to God. But the honest truth is that for the majority of Christians the time set aside for prayer is relatively short and the actual feelings of closeness to God during those times is not, for the most part, all that we hear the intercessors describing.

Intercessors are not just average Christians any more than evangelists or pastors or prophets or teachers are.

Part of their difference from others is not how many lost souls they lead to Christ, but their intimate relationship with the Father.

Relatively few would feel that their life goals were being fulfilled by spending 10 hours a day in prayer 365 days a year as do the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Anchorage, Alaska.

One correctly says, "Many cannot understand our lifestyle, not even many of our families." Then she explains, "But for us, this has brought us very close to God, and fulfills our potential."

Historically, one of the 
most famous intercessors 
is Julian of Norwich who 
spent her life as an 
"anchoress," cloistering 
herself alone for prayer in 
the early fifteenth century.

Her memory remains mainly 

because of her book, Sixteen 
Revelations of Divine Love
which profoundly describes her closeness to God.

She directed her thoughts to those who "deliberately choose God in this life for love"; people she called "the little and the simple."

For a shortened version of her book she uses the meaningful title Comfortable Words for Christ's Lovers. The deep closeness of intercessors to the Father apparently has not changed much at least over the past 600 years.

(Emphasis added, and Google images)

Let’s pray:

   Father, although we can't spend many hours with You in prayer each day, draw us aside at some particular time, to pray.

   My desire to commune 
with You needs to be 
strengthened I know, so 
please impress upon my 
heart to see the 
opportunities given me 
during the day to pray.
   As I sit quietly before You, I invite You to speak to my heart what need to know for the day.

   I ask this in the Name of Your Son, Jesus, Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Eph. 2:18 "For through Him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father."

Today’s quote: Starr Ayers “Our God delights in our company and yearns for us to walk with Him. He is gentle and humble in heart. Our load is not too great for Him. He will help us carry it. Lean into His side and allow Him to lead you. It is there you will find rest for your soul.”

Some thoughts today: Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord because He was looking for it. He walked with God and became blameless in His sight. He was not perfect, but acceptable. We are made "perfect" in Christ Jesus.

- When we walk with Christ, we become like Him. Our insufficiency will breed humility before Him.

- Let God do a deep work in you to undo evil influences. You'll discover the "grasping" spirit you had will turn into a "giving" one.

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