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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lessons From a Spider

Barb Suiter shares with us, “While driving cross-eyed down a busy highway is not the safest way to maneuver in and out of traffic, I couldn’t take my eyes off the small spider with flimsy white and black legs directly in my view on the car hood. (Google image)

I first noticed this spider while stopped for a red light. Those thin legs were moving fast, traveling towards me. 

As I accelerated, that same spider flattened itself against the white of the car and held on tenaciously. You could almost see those legs dig into the paint.

This scenario was repeated at each red light. He would rise, cautiously scurry a moment, and make some progress. 

On green as I began to go faster, he would again almost disappear into the hood. I had no idea spiders had the strength to hold on at sixty mph.

It became a game for me, but I'm sure it wasn’t for the frightened, windblown spider.

This is what I am to do in life; this is how I am to be when circumstances of life have the potential to blow me away. The winds come, bringing a storm that challenges my security and my comfortableness.

And I hold on ...

God is faithful and Paul reminds of that faithfulness by telling us to hold unswervingly to His faithfulness ... a faithfulness that never leaves His children without love and protection.

At this moment I am walking through a storm. It is not one of frantic activity, nor physical pain, or even of a broken heart or relationship. 

Different winds blow this spring and summer – winds that sap energy, focus, and creativity. With what little reserve of mental ability I can muster, I, like the spider, desperately hold on.

When storms blow around you and life accelerates at enormous speed, find yourself calm in the storm, trusting Him to protect you as you hold tightly.

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess for he who promised is faithful". (Hebrews 10:23)

Lessons From a Spider - Barb Suiter

Barbara Suiter is a wife, mother, and grandmother of thirteen. She is married to Tom Suiter, Associate Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Lebanon, Tennessee. 

The couple has recently returned from serving ten years in Western Europe as missionaries. She is a freelance writer and women’s Bible study leader and teacher.

(Used by permission by Barb Suiter and

Let’s pray-

   Father, when it comes to Your Faithfulness, may we witness it in everyday experiences.

   Open our eyes to the things You create, that are showing us how we are to also behave.

   May I begin to look more closely at what is around me, and see examples of Your provisions and grace.

   You provided the ability for the spider to hang on for dear life, and I want to do the same! I know You're holding onto me, so I will hold onto You!

   I pray for your help in my everyday living, to honor You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse- 

(Prov. 10:24)"But the desire of the righteous shall be granted."

Today’s quote- 

 “We are distracted cravers when we expect our people, places and things to fill our hearts as only God can. God loves us so much. Why do we forget this all the time? His plan is perfect and we can trust Him. He knows our needs and desires. When we seek Him as the answer instead of for the answer, God enables us to rest in confidence that He’s working on our behalf and in our best interest, to bring glory to Himself through our lives.” Gwen Smith 

Some thoughts today-

 What could God do with the children we train by pouring our faith into them? Leave it to Him to lead them in their own "mission" in life, and trust His ability to use their own faith there.

- Who knows the impact of our raising God-loving children?

- As we "shoot out our arrows," the targets they'll reach are beyond us, and our own abilities. Let's trust them to God!

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