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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reasons to Laugh—for Seniors (or anyone)

Excerpts from UnitedHealthcare’s positivelyU for seniors.

“Today, we’re finding a reason to laugh..

Feel energized. Jumpstart your positivity with some fun activities. Being physically active on a regular basis is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.*

Play with the grandkids. Sure, kids like to run around the yard, but that doesn’t mean you have to run around after them. Just being around them and their laughter can revitalize your mood. Plus, a trip to the playground is an excellent way to enjoy time with your family.

Exercise your mind. The health of your brain plays a critical role in almost everything you do. There are lots of ways to keep your mind sharp, including reading and doing puzzles.

Being thankful can boost positive thinking. Take a few minutes to write down five things you’re grateful for. Spread your gratitude—call or email others with your list, and ask them what they’re grateful for.


The power of “PAWSitivity.”  Science shows that interacting with animals can improve your attitude and health. Dogs are the most common therapy animals, but cats, guinea pigs and even rabbits can help give a boost to patients. But, you don’t have to be ill to benefit from spending time with animals. Walking your dog, for example, can be a nice way to get some exercise and socialize, which may also boost your spirits.

Spend time with your pet. Want to get a new “leash” on life? Spend time with your dog outdoors or play with your cat. Don’t own a pet? Consider volunteering at a local animal shelter.

Donate to others. We can all end up with unwanted things. If you have any clothes or household items you don’t use anymore, donate them to a shelter or second-hand store to help others in need.

Give a compliment. Even something as simple as telling others you like their hair or outfit can help brighten their day. Compliment someone today and see their face light up.

Volunteer your time. Giving your time can positively change others lives in many ways. Try volunteering your time with one of your favorite charities or organizations. If you need help searching for a place to volunteer, go to

Offer some help. When you help others, you help yourself. There are many small ways you can help others. Volunteer to babysit for a relative or invite a friend or two over for dinner.

Stay in touch. Keep in touch with friends and family with a click of your computer mouse. Try joining an online social media network like Facebook or sending emails to say hello. Or pick up the phone and simply call to say, “Hi.”

Music is powerful. It can actually affect your brain chemistry, releasing chemicals that create feelings of enjoyment and relaxation. So, turn on a happy song and get your toes tapping.

Find time for yourself. Days can get long and life can get a little crazy. Be sure to take breaks to refocus on positivity throughout your day. Find times to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. Peaceful times in your day can be during meals, reading or meditating."

(bold emphasis by Jean)

Visit to explore more positivity today.
Looking for other ways to get you laughing? Brouse

Let’s pray- 

     Father, help us find a way to be a blessing, even in our older age.
    We know we have wisdom and knowledge to share, so I ask for opportunities to share with others.
    Help me to spread some sunshine wherever I go, and to find time to volunteer my services and giving of myself and resources.
    May what I say encourage others that I come in contact with today.
    I ask for Your help to also make time for myself, to find refreshment and pleasure. In Jesus' name I ask this, amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Job 23:11 "My foot hath held his steps, his way have I kept and not declined."

Today’s quote: Billie Joy Langton – “Just as God helps us, it's good to take every opportunity to help someone in need, especially our elders. It's exciting to know God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things that benefit humanity and kingdom building.”

Some thoughts today: You learn to hear God's voice as you walk in obedience to what He directs, and as you read His Word, the Bible.

-  God will test and try your commitment to Him.

- Knowledge- Knowing the facts

  Wisdom- using it wisely

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Give lots of hugs!

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