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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#93 Open Communication

C. Peter Wagner tells us that
"Personal intercessors maintain
open communication channels with
the pastor for whom they are praying.

That is why it is necessary for both the 
leader and the intercessor to be aware 
of the prayer partner relationship.

Secret prayer partners undoubtedly 
have some value, but at least one study
done by Nancy Pfaff has shown that it is limited.

Knowing explicitly about the prayer partner agreement opens the way to a covenant relationship in which each side can understand and agree upon mutual responsibilities.

Some of the ingredients for such a relationship and some suggestions to keep the communication flowing will come come in the next chapter (Wagner's book, PRAYER SHIELD).

The duration of the relationship of a prayer partner to the pastor is usually indefinite.

As I have mentioned previously, I think it is best to assume from the start that it will be a long-term arrangement.

Nothing is intrinsically wrong with recruiting and intercessor for six months or a year, but an open-ended agreement  is more in order.

Many intercessors feel their assignment is for a lifetime, but circumstances may change on both sides and God may direct that the relationship be changed.

Nancy Pfaff, for example, feels she is a combination of crisis and personal intercessor. Her first assignment was to Dan Reeves, a prominent church growth consultant.

After some years she was released as an I-1 intercessor for Dan, but continues as as an I-2 or I-3.

Her new I-1 assignment is a staff intercessor for Church resource Ministries where she prays especially for Sam Metcalf, Bob Logan, Steve Ogne and Joan Florio.

My point is that questions regarding ending one assignment and moving on to another cannot be adequately dealt with unless there is open communication between the pastor and the intercessor."

#93 Open Communication,
in the series taken from C. Peter 
Wagner’s book, PRAYER SHIELD
How to intercede for pastors, Christian
leaders and others on the spiritual
frontlines. (pgs. 171-172)
 Regal Books

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Today’s Bible verse: Hebrews 13:7 Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.”

A Prayer of Heavenly Anticipation

   “Father, we are encouraged and comforted by the resurrection of Jesus, Your Son. It is because of His resurrection that we have hope of our future resurrection when our bodies will be stripped of the grave clothes of this mortal life, and we will be clothed in immortality.

   We will no longer be acquainted with sickness, sorrow, pain, loss or sinfulness. The temptation to sin will not exist in our future life and our adversary, the Devil, will be dealt his final blow. What anticipation this builds when we see You face to face in our glorified, eternal existence. Keep us faithful till that eventful day, in the Name of Jesus we pray. Amen.”

Today’s quote:  Anon – 

know I’m a sinner and Christ is my need;
His death is my ransom, no merit I plead.
His work is sufficient, on Him I believe;
I have life eternal when Him I receive.”

Some thoughts today: If the early apostles taught the importance of water baptism, (see Acts 2:38 & chapters 8 and 10), why is it so many churches don't teach and practice it today?

- Has repentance, water baptism, and infilling of the Holy Spirit lost its power and effectiveness? Could it be it's because God's instructions are not followed?...

- Repentance is the turning from sin with a heart-felt cry, producing a good conscience towards God. The cleansing is in water baptism, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This becomes an open declaration of the person's dedication to Him, and the confession of belief and trust in His saving grace.

- The baptism of the Holy Spirit is offered to believers for the promised power to be witnesses for Jesus.

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