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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Are You Protected?

Jean Oathout  shares with 
us some thoughts that 
hopefully will get us thinking.

What is it that your hope is grounded in? 

Is it something practical, like a bank account? 

How about your emotions? Are they in control?

Do you face every day living with confidence?

Will you have the right answers when you die and are faced with the question as to how you've spent your life?

What is it you place as your shield? Will it be satisfactory when hard times come, as surely they will? 

What thoughts do you have about your future? Where will your protection be, and will it prove enough to actually protect you and help you go through whatever you'll face?

Consider the following as good advice from ©2014 Word Ministries, Inc. :

"Jesus said: "If you live in Me [abide vitally united to Me] and My words remain in you and continue to live in your heart, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you." John 15:7 

What a wonderful promise. If your thoughts, actions and habits are controlled by the Word of God, you will know that in spite of circumstances all is well. 

Each and every day take time to pray Scriptural prayers, meditate and read your Bible. You can have complete assurance and boldness before God if you keep His commandments and habitually practice what is pleasing to him.

Believe in and rely on the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, just as He has commanded us. 1 John 3:20-24 

Regardless of circumstances you can rest assured – all is well.


   Father, I acknowledge and take to heart this day that the Lord is God in heaven above and on the earth below. There is no other. 

   Empowered by Your Spirit, I purpose to keep Your decrees and commands, which You have given me, so that it may go well with me and my children after me, and that I may live long in the land the Lord my God gives me for all time. 

   To the glory of God the Father, I acknowledge that Jesus is Lord of my home, ministry and the work place. Jesus is Lord of my life! Amen."

Scripture Reading

Deuteronomy 4:39-40
Deuteronomy 5:29
Philippians 2

©2014 Word Ministries, Inc.

(Google images, red print, and emphasis added)

Healing Prayers for the Sick  The Hunters give great advice from what they've learned through praying for people, [sometimes in front of thousands at a time], the world over. Check out this link in My PAGES. 

Today’s promise:  Ps. 91:1-2 NCV "Those who go to God Most high for safety will be  protected by the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, 'You are my place of safety and protection. You are my God and I trust you.' "

Today’s quote: Poh Fang Chia - "Our peace comes from the confidence that the Lord loves us and He is in control. He alone provides the comfort that settles our nerves, fills our minds with hope, and allows us to relax even in the midst of changes and challenges."

Some thoughts today: The Bible tells us to have confidence in God's plan for us. 2 Kings 4:8-10 shows us how God provided for Elisha. In Ps. 4:8, David said, "I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me to dwell in safety."

- If God says someone is great, that will last for eternity. Do you need to be great in the eyes of men, or of God?

- God can take what is broken and unclean in you, and make you a treasure. Yes, there will be storms, but God is at hand.

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A popular post:  Protective Boundaries  #32  Dutch Sheets:  “Many Christians believe that protection from accidents, destruction, satanic traps and assaults, etc., is automatic for the Christian—that we do nothing to cause it—that it is based on the sovereignty of God alone."

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