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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Christ Heals the Hurting

       Christ Heals the Hurting 

             by James Cagle 

The blade was not of Damascus steel,
Nor was the stone made of granite;
But still the blade wounded very deep,
As the stone, by the hand that threw it.

In a time of peace, the traitor caught
The trusting heart unguarded, unaware;
And smote his companion to the ground,
With whom the path of life was shared.

This sort of blow pierces the soul’s depth,
Causing real pain that is silently borne;
Wounds of this sort are only felt in the heart;
The flesh is safe, while the soul is torn.

Such inner wounds aren’t given by the foe,
But are made by dear intimate friends;
Those whom we trust and believe their love,
And who we let hurt us again and again.

Soon the soul is completely without feeling
And the heart is callous from the many scars;
Until another blow cannot bleed the heart
And the soul no longer reaches beyond its bars.

Life is then enclosed in a shroud of fear,
With the resolve that love ministers pain;
Looking out from a past that’s thwarted the future,
With tomorrow’s that seem pointless and vain.

The light is now gone from the once shining eyes,
The countenance is changeable stoic;
For this heart paralysis has taken away hope
And destroyed all that was once heroic.

A high wall is painfully built all around
As the stones are laid one hurt at a time.
To protect against love he imprisons himself,
Where all alone he will spend the rest of his time.

But the tender embrace of the loving Shepherd,
And a generous outpouring of His grace;
Heals all of the wounds and softens the heart
And renews the desire to again run life’s race.

The passive will He enlivens and sets free
And the soul flies out of its cold dark prison.
The past is forgotten with the best yet to come,
For with Christ life again has rhyme and reason.

Christ Heals the Hurting by James Cagle

James wrote this to me...

"I hope my poem can in some way help others come to see 
that their only hope is in Christ.  And that Christ is deeply 
interested in our pain and getting us beyond it.

I wrote the poem Christ Heals the Hurting because of the pain and hurt I had received many times by those who said they loved me.  

The original poem was called Hurt, and did not have the last eight lines.  I had actually been hurt and knocked down so many times by "loved ones" that I did not want to go on.  

I was so tired of the pain, the hurt and the struggle.  But quite literally (and I'm crying as I write this) God came to me and lifted me out of my pain and hurt and gave me the desire to go on.  It was then that I wrote the other eight lines and changed the title.  Hopefully God will use it to help others as well."

James Cagle

Toni Campbell

"We don't have to have it altogether all the time.  Life isn't tied up with a bow.  Sometimes, we experience loss.  And sometimes, we just need permission to grieve before we move on to those new chapters in life.

And that's okay." 

As seen on lakeside lessons 7/9/14 Check out the entire post by Toni Campbell. 

Parenting in the Early Years: Take Care of Yourself
By JillSavage on Jul 15, 2014 12:17 pm
hammockI remember the day well. I had a newborn, a four-year-old, and a six-year-old. As a stay-at-home mom, I’d been with them all day and I was exhausted.

Mark walked in the door from work and I said desperately, “I wanna make a deal with you.” He looked at me, surprised. I’m sure I sounded like a crazy woman.

“Thirty minutes. That’s all I want is thirty minutes.”

“Thirty minutes of what?” he asked.

“Thirty minutes to myself, in my bedroom, with the door closed. That’s it.”

“Well, if you think it will make a difference, I can make that deal.”

(This is such good advice, I wanted to share it with you mothers of young'ns. I hope you'll forward this post link to any mother who needs it. Thanks!)

Let’s pray

     Father, James and I hope his message will 
help some folks who are hurting. May his thoughts bring hope and help to the readers.
    No doubt, some have checked in, hoping to 
find answers for themselves. May they sense 
Your presence, Father, and realize that healing 
is in the Name of Jesus. In Christ's Name we pray. Amen.

Today’s Bible verse: Rom. 8:37 "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us."

Today’s quotes: James Cagle – “We find that facing our trouble helps us conquer our fears and we wonder why we were running from them in the first place. We also find that facing our fears help us mature and builds our character and gives us wisdom. Troubles and problems are sent our way by God and are actually intended to make us grow up. But only as we face them rather than run from them. It is our response to our problems that determines the kind of impact they have on our life.” 

Eddie Jones The Lord is able to give you much more. More is not enough. God is. When you find yourself in need, turn to God. He is able to provide what you need and then some.”

Some thoughts today: You can wrestle with God all you want, but He will bless your simple obedience.

- Don't be boxed in. Don't fear to step out for God's Kingdom. A fresh anointing will come!

- You are not a second-class person if you're God's child. Have the confidence that you are special to Him.

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A popular post:  His Shining Light James P. Willis tells us, "It occurred to me while it’s important for us to show God’s love during the good times, His light shines the brightest in our darkest hours."

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