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Saturday, July 12, 2014


Nancy Lucas Cady says, "A wise man once 
told me, and this is very simple, that we are 
not responsible for other people's choices, 
with the exception of our children of course, 
when they are younger and we are teaching 
them and they don't know any better.
I used to get so angry when my husband smoked cigarettes because I knew that was shortening his life span, and I used to do everything in my power to try to get him to stop, with no success. 

used to get so upset and then one day a male counselor friend of mine told me that I was not responsible for his choices, to stop beating myself up about it. Bam, it hit me...the light turned on, and I became free of that.

It was a life decision he made and despite the tears and trying to get him to quit on my part, I continued on with life loving him completely despite that frailty of his. It happens. Tomorrow could be our last day on earth. You could die tomorrow, tonight even, and so could I. Don't waste another precious moment that you have been gifted with to forgive, to love everyone like you're suppose to. Tomorrow may never come.

Life is short. God is our judge and the judge of others...we are not. We are to love one another as He loved us and aren't we suppose to forgive no matter how hard it is? Aren't we suppose to open our door to all? Aren't we suppose to love our neighbor as we love ourselves?

Sometimes pride gets in the way and we try to adjust everything around us to make it just right, but life is not perfect. We are not perfect. People sin. Hearts get broken. Families and friends get torn apart, get shuffled back and forth with their opinions of what is right and what is wrong. 

Can't we simply LOVE one another despite our frailties, our wrongdoings? Doesn't He want us to love despite it all? To forgive? Isn't that His way? Isn't that for Him to judge? I know it's hard. I've been there so many times and I've had to remind myself to still love, to forgive no matter what.

So many people are hurting in this world and we are no exception just because we live in small town USA. It happens, and we spend so much time debating, defending ourselves and what we think is the right thing, that we forget to simply love despite it all. We lose precious time to just be, to forgive freely, to love, and to love those that are just as imperfect as we are. That's right.

Look in the mirror, can you stand there and say to yourself that you are perfect, without flaw? No. None of us can."

Nancy Lucas Cady blog address:

Alleluiabelle aka Nancy Cady

  • am a woman who loves the Lord. I am a widow, the mother of two beautiful children and a Nana to six grandchildren. I was an Administrative Assistant for 29 years. My main focus is on my God, my family, my grandchildren, my friends and the world. I have a compassionate heart for the elderly, children and anyone who needs prayer and a listening ear. I also love photography and viewing life through the lens of my camera.
A recent photo of Nancy's

Does Grandma’s Prerogative Exist? 

By Jill Savage on Jul 01, 2014 05:55 am 

Rilyn, Nana, and Papaw
took a selfie one day!
Jill Savage - "I first wrote about this topic two years ago and the response was so strong that I decided it was time to talk about it again.

On the Sunday after my third grandchild was born, a well-meaning friend at church asked me if I was heading to Texas that week. I told her I wished that I was, but Erica and Kendall had asked me to wait to come until Marie was home.  

My friend said, 'Well, did you tell them that it’s grandma’s prerogative to come now if she wants?'  I smiled and said that I wanted to respect Erica and Kendall’s wishes..."

(I do hope you'll check out Jill's message today, as it has a lot of wisdom for us grandparents!)

Let’s pray:

ther, Nancy and Jill have
such good advice for us today.

   The question put to us by
Nancy, "Why can't we simply
love one another despite our
frailties, our wrongdoings," is
thought-provoking and challenging.

   Jill's piece also challenges us to consider our children and grandchildren, as to what's best for us to do when visiting.

   I ask for guidance in this area, Father, as I want to keep the peace at all costs. I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Another prayer: Frances Gregory Pasch - "Lord, keep us from compromising our faith in You. Don’t let people or things make us question what we believe."

Today’s Bible verse: John 15:12 "This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I have loved you."

Today’s quote: Michael Brooks -“Do you know why God saved me? It certainly wasn't because of anything I did. God saved me because He is God and He had mercy on me.”  (Michael writes for Testament League)

Some thoughts today: When you get on a new level of opportunity, shut your mouth. Faith is for the place where sight fails us.

- God anoints people differently. You can never do enough, but Jesus did! Count on Him, as He's the perfect one.

- God wants communication, not religion.

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